Saturday, November 5, 2011

MOT Day 5

Month of Thanksgiving
Day 5- Today, I am thankful for the Tigers. The LSU Tigers, that is. Tonight is a big game between them and Bama... so they are on my mind more than usual. I am actually decked out in full purple and gold as I type this.

I know it sounds silly to be thankful of a college football team. But before I became a fan, I wasn't that into sports in general. Becoming an LSU fan has brought me and Clinton closer, I think. He used to beg me to watch sports with him, but now I will watch the LSU games with him (and Rangers, but that's baseball...) We have something to talk about besides our daily lives and more importantly, something to look forward to together.

Take today for instance- we are dressed alike, something Clinton has forbidden on other occasions (ha!), we have laughed at Bama fans on TV and around town, and we are both anxious for the game. Which starts now ....agh! We didn't get to go to the game today, but HERE and HERE are the links where I've posted about the games we've been to!

But seriously, win or lose tonight (its gonna be a close one!), being an LSU fan has given me one more thing in common with the man I've loved for 11 years. And for that I'm thankful!

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  1. I was rolling my eyes at the LSU thing, until I got to the last paragraph where you said you found one more thing in common with your love. So sweet!