Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why do I love my husband?

Because he took me fishing today and he cooked supper!

Ribs, potatoes, beans, and sweet tea! What Texas girl could resist?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calm in the storm

It has been bad weather here lately. Tonight, all the news has been about this mamma jamma storm that is going to hit. When it starting pouring rain, we all stood in the doorways and watched the storm. Emma said "I'm skeered, Mommy" and everyone in the house was a little nervous. But only one of us got any comforting from the man of the house...


 As we looked out the back door, I mentioned to Clinton that E.B. looked scared. He had his ears pinned back. So Clinton got him out to cuddle him. He's such a softy!

Btw- Em and I just stood and watched him. I guess it was ok if we were scared.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Contest!

I entered Emma in the Baby of 2011 contest!
Please go vote for her! One vote per day per computer! Tell all your friends!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was such a long day for us! But it was great!

Emma had to go check on E.B. first thing, and had to pose for a picture with him... her... it.

Isn't she pretty!

We went to church at Cuthand Methodist Church.

Emma and Libby
 The girls didn't make it long in church, so I took them to the nursery.

Silly girls!

We stayed for the church egg hunt, even though we hadn't originally planned to... it brought the egg hunt count for the day up to 3.

Emma and Nakota (KoKo)

After church, we went to Mamou's and Grandad's for lunch and another egg hunt.

Eggs as far as the eye can see...

Keep in mind... all this for 5 kids under the age of 3!

Basket is filling up!

Had to switch to a bucket.

Libs found two eggs!

Em's bucket filled up too, so Steve had to hold her eggs for her.

Finally got the bucket dumped, so Steve could unload!

Middleton boys (and Pepaw Steve) and the Cheatwood girls

Playing in the grass!

Then it was time to head down the road to the Smith Place for egg hunt #3!

The big kids were ready to go, but had to wait for the rules!

Cousins- Eli, Korie, & Kirk
 Then the little kids had a separate hunt.
Brittney & me helping the girls

Emma & Kinsley

Memaw helping us.

After the hunt, the kids played on the tire swing.

Emma & Kinsley swinging together!

Don't they just belong in a magazine or something??

Sunday, April 24, 2011

When the Easter Bunny Rings the Doorbell

The Easter Bunny actually visited our house on Friday because he knew that Clinton was working this weekend, but would want to see Emma get her Easter surprise!

It was so unusual! Emma and I were doing learning time on the computer when the doorbell rang. Now, Emma loves it when the doorbell rings, so she jumped up all excited to see who was out there! She ran in the living room and Clinton told her that he thought he saw the Easter Bunny run into the backyard.

She ran to the back door and said "Open door, Daddy!"

Once outside, she zeroed in on a big egg in her Cozy Coupe!

She had to open it up right away! It had movies in it!

Then, she saw another big egg in the yard! She bypassed all the regular size eggs to get to it!

 She finally started to pick up the regular, not so exciting, candy filled eggs.

While she was in the middle of that, she noticed a GIANT egg in her swing!

I put it away for later, and Emma finished rounding up the eggs.

Then it was time to see what was in the big eggs!

Then, Emma noticed something up on top of the playhouse!

It was a mermaid doll!

The Easter Bunny was very generous with Emma as usual! But she loved every minute of it! (We did, too!)