Sunday, October 31, 2010

Emma's Birthday Party

We had Emma's 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday, October 30th at 11 am at our house. We are so blessed to have so many family and friends who took time out of their day to celebrate with us! Clinton cooked hotdogs and sausages. We had cake and ice cream. The kids played outside, then busted the pinata! Emma had a blast and received so many presents! Thanks so much everyone!




Birthday Girl checking out her new playhouse!

Jackson, India, Kinsley, Emma, & Levi
Kendra didn't get the memo that costumes weren't required!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Yay Presents!

Tissue paper went flying!


More flying tissue paper!

What's in there??
Goldfish from Libby!

Blowing kisses to everyone! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I snuck out of bed to write this because I as lay there my emotions got the best of me, and I thought I better get this out before I forgot it.

Emma sleeps in the bed with Clinton and I. This is a fact that is debated and frowned upon by many people; grandparents, Clinton, and occasionally me. I frown when she's lying sideways in the bed or kicking me in the back! 

Tonight, Emma lay between Clinton and I watching The Goodnight Show on Sprout, as Clinton slept and I read a book. She turned to each side and kissed each of us (where she could reach, my kiss was on my shoulder), then snuggled down in the bed. I knew she had given it up and was finally going to sleep. I turned out the light and the TV and turned towards her. She put both little arms around my neck and sighed. I hugged her soft, warm little body and smelled her Johnson's Baby lotion smell. As I lay there, I thought how these nights are numbered. Emma's 2nd birthday is Sunday. The Darius Rucker song "It Won't Be Like This For Long" played in my head and tears came to my eyes, as they are now as I type this. Everyone says that time flies and before I know it, she'll be grown. I know this is true because it was only yesterday that we were leaving the hospital to bring her home. I know that I am guilty of wishing time away, saying I can't wait until Emma can do this or that. But tonight as I type this, I vow to slow down and enjoy all the times and stop rushing them by. I know I will fail at this sometimes, but I'm going to do my best.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smith Family Reunion

Every third weekend in October, we have the Smith Family Reunion. Its a weekend long (week long for some) camp out. We have friendly competitions, hay rides, Trick or Treating, good food, and lots of sitting around the campfire. I have way too many pictures from this year's reunion so here a few of my favorites.


"I see you baby!"

Its like the movie Twins with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger!

After Trick or Treating!

The Belcher group- such a ragtag bunch!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red River County Fair

After Kinsley's birthday party, we all loaded up to go to the Red River County fair! This fair was always a big part of my childhood and I loved taking Emma to it! Last year she was really too small to enjoy it, but she definitely had fun this time!

Catching a ride with Al-wex. (Alex)

Riding the carousel!

Kinsley is loving it!

Clinton & Emma vs. Brittney & Kinsley

And they're off...

Tied up!

Brittney & Kinsley are in the lead!

They win!

Rematch! (Clinton thought the lane made the difference!)

And it did! BUT Clinton & Emma wiped out!

Bahahahahaha! (Be sure to look closely at this one!)

The girls took a drive in the muscle car before we left!

Kinsley turns 2

Yes, I'm a little behind, but I'm trying to catch up!

I can't believe Kinsley Grace is 2! Mainly because that means Emma is about to be 2! Her birthday is September 24, but her party was on September 25th (my birthday!).

Kinsley had a cupcake early!!

Emma Bug loves strawberries!

Emma and a friend taking a ride in the wagon!

It's cake time! 

Blowing out the candles!

Clinton Bug!

Emma ate her ladybug first!

Kinsley going at the pinata!

Emma's turn! (I think these girls' daddies need to show them how to hold a bat!)

Emma LOVED the pinata!