Monday, November 29, 2010

Drawing with Emma

Emma wanted me to draw with her.
She kept handing me new makers and saying "Here Mommy, yellow"

I would say "No Emma, that's pink, blue, etc."

Can you tell whose side is whose?


I have so much to be thankful for. I won't go into a long list, but the number one thing on my list starts with an E and ends with an A. It only has 4 letters. Guesses? Yup, you got it! Emma!

Emma and I spent the day in Honey Grove visiting with my mom's side of the family. Clinton had to work, so he didn't get to spend the day with us, but at least it wasn't nights so we go to spend some time with him that evening.

We have to have dinner at the school's cafeteria because no one's house is large enough to hold everyone!

My mom (Doris), her 5 sisters (Judy, Dorothy, Joyce, Jane, & Nancy), and my grandparents (Grandma & Grandpa).

My brother (Jason), sister-in-law (Andrea), niece (Alex), and nephew (Kirk).

Emma had a ball playing on the stage!

Loving on her Alex.

And apparently trying to eat Alex's face.

That's pretty much all the picture I got because I got so distracted by eating... sorry.

Just fyi, we did spread the family time around some. Emma and I spent Wednesday with my daddy's mom & dad (Memaw & Papaw) fixing fence at the "Old Place". We spent Friday night at Clinton's parents, where me, Clinton, Ricky, Sherri, Cody, & Lynann played the world's longest game of Uno.

Monday, November 22, 2010


No one ever comments on my blog... it makes me sad. :(

Is anyone out there? Does anyone read this besides Clinton? I think he only does because I say "hey! I just wrote a new blog post. Come read it!"

I have a need for affirmation, validation, praise...

Come on, people! I am a stay-at-home mother of a two year old. I need to know someone is out there listening to me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 3- LSU vs. Bama

This post is not actually about Emma, as so many are. I suppose that our "Life with Emma" does include moments without her. Thank goodness for Mike & Terri, who "practiced being grandparents" and kept Emma for us ALL DAY! We were gone at least 12 hours! That is a long time for someone who isn't used to having a two year old in the house. Clinton and I are so blessed to have such loving, generous people in our lives. We love y'all! 

Since we were going to be in Baton Rouge on a Saturday when LSU was playing a home game, we HAD to go to the game (according to Clinton). So for Clinton's birthday present, we got tickets!

Clinton's cousin, Duane, is a third-generation season ticket holder dating back to 1965, when Clinton's great grandfather got the tickets. Duane and his wife, Sheryll, were going to the game, and agreed to show us the ropes! Duane's friends were tailgating, and invited us to join them. The tailgating atmosphere was unlike anything I've ever experienced, and I come from a long line of fun-loving, hard-partying people! There were set ups that must have cost more than my house and then some, and then add some more!  
LSU Short Bus! It was FOR SALE, people! I told Clinton that we should definitely buy it! We are currently taking donations!

This thing was Ah-Mazing! You can't tell much from my picture, but it had 2 giant TVs and a full bar with bar stools. Later I walked by, and they had food set out on SILVER serving trays... no, I'm not making that up!

Clinton getting started at 9 am.

Beer pong at 9:30... turns out that I am pretty darn good at this!

Me, Clinton, Duane, and the lone Bama fan, Sheryll

Some clever tailgaters put a smoked pig in an elephant suit and had Mike eating it, complete with "blood" on his mouth!
 After tailgating for awhile, we headed towards the stadium to watch the pre-game festivities that go on outside the stadium.
Les Miles (the "Most Interesting Coach in the World") and the players walking down Victory Hill.

Had to get a picture of Mike for Emma. She LOVES him. Watch some YouTube videos of him, and YOU will love him, too!

Picture of the Tiger Girls for Clinton and Duane.

The Golden Band  from Tiger Land performing in the PMAC.

We had to take 4 escalators to get up to our seats (FOUR!, but I was so so glad not to have to walk all the way up there!), but we still had a great view of the field! Once inside, there was this anticipation in the air that was so palpable, you could taste it! Remember, I am not a sports fan, so I wouldn't be spouting this if it wasn't true. Clinton was like a little boy, he was so excited! I am so happy that I was able to experience it with him. The game was great! It was such a nail-biter! I loved it (again coming from a non sports fan) and I honestly have to say it was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time!
It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight

That band is AWESOME!

The players running out onto the field.

And the scoreboard tells all!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day Two- Sesame Street Live

Friday evening was the Sesame Street Live show! The tickets were a gift for Emma's birthday from us! The outfit was also a gift, made especially to wear to the show! (I bought it on!)

Emma and Daddy outside the Cajundome!

First in line!

Are they going to let me in?

After getting her program, Emma decided to plop right down and take a look!

Emma, Mommy, Abby Cadabby, & Rosita


Yummy popcorn with Daddy

Finally the show started!

Zoe danced right in front of us!

Emma wore herself out dancing, so she had to just sit down!

The pinata went POP!

Ummm... Em is supposed to be covering her eyes here...

Now she's got it!

Daddy is a more comfortable chair!


The Under the Sea scene glowed in the dark!

Emma liked to clean up during intermission!

More stuff on the floor!

Look Daddy!

Elmo and friends saying goodbye!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Louisiana Trip- Day 1

Thursday morning, bright and early (too bright and too early), we headed out for Louisiana. The truck was loaded down with clothes, toys, and food! Luckily, Emma slept a lot of the morning and after she woke up, she watched a movie until time to stop for lunch. I had done some research, and decided we would stop at the Oakland Plantation outside of Natchitoches. It is a Creole plantation with lots of outbuildings, and it is free to check out! There was, also, a pavilion where we could eat lunch. We had a little minor freak out when the GPS only took us part of the way to the plantation and we couldn't find any other directions online. But I called the Park Service and got directions for the rest of the way. It was a little windy, so our picnic was not as fun as I had envisioned it, but it worked out. Then we walked around for a bit to stretch our legs.

Playing under the oaks...
What is it with this kid and rocks??
She didn't want to sit IN the tree!
Playing with Daddy.

Emma did really good the rest of the way into Baton Rouge, she watched movies and ate her snacks. When we got to Baton Rouge, Clinton wanted to stop at LSU to watch some of a baseball game that was going on. This was Emma's first LSU game! It was really just a scrimmage, but it was fun to see anyway. 

After we left the ballpark, we decided to go by Mike the Tiger's habitat. It was just our luck that the "Tiger Whisperer" was there. Every other time we've stopped by to see Mike, he has been asleep in the corner and you could barely see him. But the "Tiger Whisperer" apparently goes and plays with him everyday and Mike knows him and will play. He even got Mike to go swimming, but I didn't catch a picture of it!

We finally made it to Mike & Terri's house! Mike was out of town on business, so Terri took us to dinner. It was great and had live music, which was good in case Emma decided to be loud! Back at the house, Terri cracked open some wine, and we enjoyed some time with her before going to bed!