Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 1

Yes, I'm blogging about our cruise! It may be only because I have a hundred other things to do and I'm procrastinating those by finally doing this, but hey, SOMETHING is getting done, right? Be prepared for the barrage of pictures!

For some crazy reason, the night before embarkation, we all went to bed at like 8:00 pm. Unheard of in our house. So... we were all awake at 5:00 am. Yes. FIVE. I know! Crazy! My schedule always goes upside down on vacation! But COME ON! It's vacation! You are supposed to be able to sleep LATE, not get up at an ungodly hour, that I NEVER see in real life! Anyway, good thing about being up was getting to watch the Disney Wonder make her way into the Galveston port for the first time ever! Our hotel was literally ON the port, so we just walked out to watch! It was very cool.

Here she comes! Backwards!


We went back into hotel, ate breakfast, then laid around until time to get ready to go! Our Port Arrival Time was 11, but we went around 10:30. We had an easy wait until time to go through security, sped through check-in, and were boarding by 11:30! 

Excited face!

They welcomed us "home"! *Tears*

Once onboard, I headed to Guest Services for tea party tickets and to drop off our Vinylmation for autographs! Clinton and Em went to Wave Bands (one of the clubs) to change our Palo reservation to that night. We met back up at the pool for lunch and to let Em play while the pools were empty. She was the FIRST kid in the Mickey pool!!

We spent a couple hours on the pool deck before heading to our room to check it out! We got our magnets put up and met our room host, Kamong from Indonesia!

It was, then, time for the Muster Drill! We went down to Animator's Palate to learn what to do in case of emergency! Then we went to the Sail Away deck party! We didn't get to go to the one on our last cruise because of the dang fog!

Oh! Hi Minnie!

The "When You Wish Upon A Star" horn makes me tear up every time! After dancing away the afternoon, we went back to the room to change for dinner and to feed Em some room service. She needed to eat before that night's show, because afterwards she was finally getting to go to the Oceaneer's Club!

Em's dinner- Mac & Cheese, and warm cookies! AND Skinny Steve
Skinny Steve (aka Flat Stanley) went with us on this trip! He is a school project for my nephew Kam! We took pictures of him throughout the trip! 

The show on the first night is called "All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin". It is a cute little introduction show, but it was exactly like the one we saw on the Magic in January. We dropped Em off at the club, she was so excited, couldn't wait to get in there! Then went up to Palo, the adult only restaurant. We had been looking forward to this since we ruined our visit on the Magic

For the table- Antipasto

For the table- Fresh baked breads

Shared appetizer- Fried Calamari

Kayla's Pasta course- Potato Gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and Asparagus

Clinton's Pasta course- Lobster and Marscapone Ravioli

Lemon Sorbet palate cleanser

Kayla's Entree- Beef Tenderloin topped with red wine sauce

Clinton's Entree- Osso Bucco (I had serious plate envy! It was AMAZING!)

Clinton told our server Judy that my birthday was 3 days before, so I got this really cute plate with dessert!

Dessert- Chocolate souffle! (We both got our own, NO SHARING!)
It was an amazing meal! That chocolate souffle is to die for! We got a call that Em needed to be picked up right as we were getting dessert, so we finished up and headed to get her. We called it an early night. We HAD been up since FIVE!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Emma First Dance Competition

I know some of you are patiently waiting for me to post about our cruise on the Disney Wonder two weeks ago, and some not so patiently...Clinton, but we got home just in time to get ready for Em's first dance competition.

It was this past weekend in Waco, at the Cheer for Charity event. I had been calm all week, but Sunday morning, I was a nervous wreck! We woke up early, got Em's hair curled, ate breakfast, and headed to meet the rest of the teams to get all dolled up! 

Emma before we left the hotel for hair & make-up.

Dance Dad!

All made up and ready to head to the competition!
We all ate some lunch, then headed to the high school where the competition was being held. We were a little behind, so it was a bit of a rush to get dressed and glittered!

All ready to go!
She wasn't nervous a bit, but I was up in the stands waiting and trying not to puke. It wasn't long, they were 2nd in the line-up!

Em is in the middle of the front row, once they get lined up!

Then we got to watch the Youth & Seniors perform!

They both did so great! Loved the Seniors tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness! After everyone performed, the girls got changed and got to pick out a prize for performing!

Em & Hannah got some cool new shades!
The girls watched the cheerleaders performances together! They are such a good group of girls! Already the best of friends!

Then it was time for awards!

They won! So excited!

Three first place trophies! Clean sweep!

Go Minis!!
Yes, I cried. Twice. When they were dancing and again during awards. So proud of my baby girl!