Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Whatcha Think?

I've been spending this lazy Sunday crafting away. I need some feedback.

I enjoy doing this. It relaxes me. Major stress relief! But...

Is it worth trying to make some money on? I know it wouldn't be a big business, just enough to keep me going to Hobby Lobby. Let me know what you think!

Latest Tutu

Matching flip flops (first attempt at these)

Rainbow flips to match giant tutu I made. Click Here to see it!
I wish I would have made the bow on the rainbow flips a different color so it would show up better! But I'll do better next time!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Em's Room Re-design

I've been working on redoing Emma's room for her birthday. Yes, I know her birthday is in October. And yes, I am already planning her party, too! What of it???

The first thing I did was paint her table and chairs,but I already wrote about that here.

We let Emma pick out a paint color! Of course, she wanted purple!!

We are going to use the lighter color and possibly paint one wall the darker color.

I've picked out fabric for new bedding and pillows. My friend, Regan, at Livi Lou is going sew it for me! 

Here are a few miscellaneous things that I'm thinking about...

I love how this daybed looks with the canopy from Pottery Barn Kids. Since Em's bed has a similar shape as a daybed, I want to go with this kind of look.

But I'm not going to get the one from PBK because its way high!! I found one on Amazon!! 
Here is the canopy I'm thinking about, or I may go with just a simple one.

I'm IN LOVE with this idea for Em's stuffed animals, but I can't find any planters big enough!! If you see some, LET ME KNOW!!

Hobby Lobby has these paper lanterns in all colors. If I do something like this in one corner, I could do a pink, green, and turquoise one.... But now that I think about it... it may be too much with the canopy?? Hmmm...

I've been scouring the antique stores around town looking for pieces for the whole house, but I found this little pink shelf the other day and thought it would be a good piece for Em's room!

The same store has a round turquoise mirror that I think would be really cute. The mirror, itself, is clouded with age, but I thought I could get some letter decals put on it! Need suggestions on what it should say!

The big questions that I have left to answer is how to store Em's stuffed animals if I can't find the planters, cute storage for her other toys, and how to store her dvds. If you have any suggestions or ideas you want to share, please let me know!

BTW- I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest! One of the coolest websites EVER!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Touch of Class

While we were in Baton Rouge, Aunt Terri gave me something to step my game up! My drinking game, that is!

Normally, I enjoy my wine like this...

But now I can enjoy it with more class!

It's a "Redneck Wine Glass"... fitting isn't it?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Runaway Rabbit

Two days ago, I let E.B. (the bunny) out to run around the yard while Clinton cleaned his cage. We went inside to cook supper.

Before Clinton left for work, he said that he left the tray part of the cage leaning against the house to dry.

And that was the last time I thought about it... until the next morning when I went outside to check on E.B.

He was gone, of course. The cage was still where Clinton had left it. Now dry.  Bad Mommy!

I checked with the neighbors, but they hadn't seen him. I looked under the bushes, but he wasn't there either. So I went on with my day thinking he was probably gone for good. I felt bad about it for Emma's sake, but secretly, deep down I was glad. I know, terrible, right?

BUT this morning, as I was getting ready to take Emma to MDO, the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor saying that our bunny was in the front yard. Dang it! I caught him and put him back in his cage. That's where he is now. Safe and sound. Ugh.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Em's New Princess Dress

You can buy anything on eBay. Case in point, the pageant dress my mom bought Emma on eBay for like nothing! She loves it, of course. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gettin' Fed at the Shed

On our way home from Florida, we stopped in Ocean Springs, MS to eat BBQ! We had seen The Shed on TV and decided to check it out.

I didn't take any pictures of the food because I was too busy eating it! :)

Our verdict:

Very cool atmosphere. Very good music, Emma jammed to the blues! Very good baked potato casserole. Very good bread, even though Emma and I ate it all before Clinton could get any. Good meat. Not what we are used to with Texas BBQ as it was covered in a sweet sauce, but still good. I really liked the brisket myself. I know, I know... sacrilege for a Texas girl to say she likes another state's brisket. :) All in all, still better than any of the local BBQ joints!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 3 of Vacation

This is my 100th post of the year!! I'm very proud of myself and this blog! I, also, have over 6,000 page views today! Good blogging day!

We got up early and headed for the beach right away again on Tuesday! We had learned that the water was clearer first thing in the morning, and we wanted to avoid the seaweed in the water as much as possible...

(side note: we found out when we got there that this time of year has "high tide" and is during the "seaweed season". Not sure if those are official terms but that's what we were told. Anyway, the water had a lot of seaweed in it.)

She got more and more brave with the water!

Our condominium is the one to the right.

I just think this pic is funny!

Waiting and...


and still running...

Waving to... someone? something? Not sure.

Kinsley made a starfish cookie!
We went up to the condo for lunch and Emma decided she needed to rest on the balcony... on a float.

We finally got her up and took her to the splash park to see if she would like to play in the water... NOPE!

So we tried the kiddie pool. The night before had not been good for Emma and the pools, but there was an omen. A sign. A Strawberry Shortcake doll in the kiddie pool!!

She went right in!

And grabbed it!
She was cool with the kiddie pool after that!

That night we went into Destin to the Boardwalk area to eat and take a dolphin cruise.

Emma and I dressed alike! Cute, huh! :)
We ate at Dewey's Destin, which was supposed to be the first restaurant in Destin. It was good! We all had a different fish, except Clinton who ate shrimp. AND the girls slept through the whole thing! So we had a peaceful dinner!

After that, we went to the get on the dolphin cruise! We took the Sea Blaster  boat!

Emma sitting on the boardwalk, feeding the fish!

David, Kinsley, & Brittney on the boat!

Emma and me! Look closely and you'll see the Strawberry Shortcake bracelet holding my hair up. Beggars can't be choosers!

Clinton thoroughly enjoyed the dolphin cruise! Or was it the free beer??

Emma pointing out the...


We saw a LOT of dolphins! I missed getting pics of the cool jumps and stuff, but oh well. I experienced it in person!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach Vacation Day 2

I wrote what we did up until lunchtime before, so I'll post the pics now.

In a lounge chair under our umbrella... my new favorite spot!

Kinsley Grace Crawford

I love this picture of Kinsley!

Clinton laughing at Emma running from the waves!

Me & Emma making a sandcastle!
After we went in for lunch & naps, it started raining. It rained for a while, so we let the girls take a long nap and everyone rested.

That night we got dressed up and went to eat at the Old Bay Steamer. Before we left the condo though, the girls played.

See this look Kinsley gave me??

And of course, Emma had to do ballet dances.
Our food was really good. The menu is steamed seafood only. I had lobster which was a little dry and chewy, but every lobster I've ever had has been like that so maybe I just don't like lobster. :/ Clinton had some really good crab legs and shrimp.

The rain had stopped by the time we got back to the condo, so we took the girls swimming in the pool. (I didn't take my camera, so no pics) We had some trouble with Emma being scared, but she like riding on the inner-tube with me in the lazy river!