Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 3 of Vacation

This is my 100th post of the year!! I'm very proud of myself and this blog! I, also, have over 6,000 page views today! Good blogging day!

We got up early and headed for the beach right away again on Tuesday! We had learned that the water was clearer first thing in the morning, and we wanted to avoid the seaweed in the water as much as possible...

(side note: we found out when we got there that this time of year has "high tide" and is during the "seaweed season". Not sure if those are official terms but that's what we were told. Anyway, the water had a lot of seaweed in it.)

She got more and more brave with the water!

Our condominium is the one to the right.

I just think this pic is funny!

Waiting and...


and still running...

Waving to... someone? something? Not sure.

Kinsley made a starfish cookie!
We went up to the condo for lunch and Emma decided she needed to rest on the balcony... on a float.

We finally got her up and took her to the splash park to see if she would like to play in the water... NOPE!

So we tried the kiddie pool. The night before had not been good for Emma and the pools, but there was an omen. A sign. A Strawberry Shortcake doll in the kiddie pool!!

She went right in!

And grabbed it!
She was cool with the kiddie pool after that!

That night we went into Destin to the Boardwalk area to eat and take a dolphin cruise.

Emma and I dressed alike! Cute, huh! :)
We ate at Dewey's Destin, which was supposed to be the first restaurant in Destin. It was good! We all had a different fish, except Clinton who ate shrimp. AND the girls slept through the whole thing! So we had a peaceful dinner!

After that, we went to the get on the dolphin cruise! We took the Sea Blaster  boat!

Emma sitting on the boardwalk, feeding the fish!

David, Kinsley, & Brittney on the boat!

Emma and me! Look closely and you'll see the Strawberry Shortcake bracelet holding my hair up. Beggars can't be choosers!

Clinton thoroughly enjoyed the dolphin cruise! Or was it the free beer??

Emma pointing out the...


We saw a LOT of dolphins! I missed getting pics of the cool jumps and stuff, but oh well. I experienced it in person!

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