Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of Preschool 2013 and Dance Pictures!

I haven't posted in FOREVER! Sorry about that! I've composed hundreds of posts in my head (really good ones, too!), but just lacked the energy to get them done! It has been so hectic around here! I have SO many things I NEED to write about, but I'm going to put that off (again!) and just write about today!

I resolved myself to sitting down as soon as I got home today to write this! I wish I would have.... instead I went outside with Emma to watch the family of geese that hangs out behind our house. They've been gone for about a week so I was surprised to see them there today! So out I go and I'm looking through my phone trying to get a picture of the Mommy, Daddy, and FIVE babies, then OUCH! I was standing in the only ant mound in the whole yard! Took me forever to get those bastards off me, too! So I'm sitting here scratching my dang foot. Nothing hurts like an ant bite! Hope y'all enjoy this picture of the geese, knowing how much pain I'm in from taking it.

And of course, you can't really see them. So goes my life. Argh!
Anyway, today was Emma's last day of preschool! She has completed the 3 year old class at Central, and today was, also, her last day at Mother's Day Out!

First Day of MDO 8/31/10
First Day of Preschool 9/4/12
Last Day of Preschool 5/30/13
As you can see, I didn't have it together this morning to do a cute sign. Sigh.

She is growing up so fast! That MDO picture is really getting to me! She has learned SO much this year at Central with Ms. Hiner. I can't wait to see what she learns next year! She will, also, be going to a different "after school" program at Episcopal Day School. Well, that's what I'm calling it. She went to MDO in the afternoons after Central and will be going to EDS in the afternoons this coming fall. She'll be going there this summer when I work, too!

Today was picture day for dance, too! We had a group pictures done on Tuesday, and let me tell you... it was cray-cray! Thank God I have no photography talent! No way would I be able to handle taking 14 2-4 year olds picture! Yikes! But the results are pretty dang cute, outtakes and all!

 Em's individual pics were today. Since today was a work day, I wasn't even going to attempt to do her hair and make-up! My nerves couldn't take it! Tuesday was a disaster! So my good friend, Regan, did it for me!

Em's hair has been an ordeal, let me tell you. The child's hair won't hold a curl!! Oh well, she will still look pretty!

This is after pics, getting our Sonic fix!!
 Tomorrow is another busy, busy day so I'm going to go now and get whatever rest I can get! Toodles!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I have to say, I had a fabulous weekend. I feel like it was a perfect combo of fun, getting things accomplished, and relaxing. Makes me almost giddy just thinking about it!

Thursday at work, Clinton surprised me with a bouquet for Mother's Day & our anniversary (tomorrow)!

Friday, Clinton spent the day working on my mother's day gift and I spent the day alternately working and relaxing! Didn't even have to cook because Clinton smoked a pork butt on his smoker! Yum!

Saturday, we had a little Mommy & Emmy date!

Cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon

Fun at the art fair.
We came home for a couple hours, then headed to Cuthand with Clinton for some family time!

Emma, Kinsley, & Nakota at Nakota's 3rd birthday party!
We visited with some of the mothers in our lives, my Memaw, my Mom, & Clinton's Mom. We still got home early enough to relax a little before bed!

Sunday, Clinton and Emma took me to brunch.

When we got home, Clinton and Em helped me clean up the whole house (my request). Then, we spent the afternoon hanging outside. Me with a book, him working on my gift, and Em playing. It was glorious. And things got even better! Clinton took Emma with him grocery shopping (double yay!) while I took a nap!! When they got home, he cooked me a great steak dinner! It was an amazing day!

Today, he finished up my gift!

He built me a porch swing!

Little mess wouldn't look!
Thank you, Clinton for making me feel so special! I love you!