Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I have to say, I had a fabulous weekend. I feel like it was a perfect combo of fun, getting things accomplished, and relaxing. Makes me almost giddy just thinking about it!

Thursday at work, Clinton surprised me with a bouquet for Mother's Day & our anniversary (tomorrow)!

Friday, Clinton spent the day working on my mother's day gift and I spent the day alternately working and relaxing! Didn't even have to cook because Clinton smoked a pork butt on his smoker! Yum!

Saturday, we had a little Mommy & Emmy date!

Cinnamon rolls at Cinnabon

Fun at the art fair.
We came home for a couple hours, then headed to Cuthand with Clinton for some family time!

Emma, Kinsley, & Nakota at Nakota's 3rd birthday party!
We visited with some of the mothers in our lives, my Memaw, my Mom, & Clinton's Mom. We still got home early enough to relax a little before bed!

Sunday, Clinton and Emma took me to brunch.

When we got home, Clinton and Em helped me clean up the whole house (my request). Then, we spent the afternoon hanging outside. Me with a book, him working on my gift, and Em playing. It was glorious. And things got even better! Clinton took Emma with him grocery shopping (double yay!) while I took a nap!! When they got home, he cooked me a great steak dinner! It was an amazing day!

Today, he finished up my gift!

He built me a porch swing!

Little mess wouldn't look!
Thank you, Clinton for making me feel so special! I love you!


  1. I LOVE the swing!! It's pretty awesome!

    1. Thanks! I think so! I've order a thick comfy cushion for it! It's supposed to be here tomorrow! I see naps in my future!

  2. The swing is awesome!!! Sounds like you had a great mothers day! And you got a Cinnabon! Totally jealous...only time I ever have one is at airports! We don't have any here! LOL