Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Tiny Dancer

Emma is now on a dance competition team... think TLC's Dance Moms... that kind of team! I think. I have no idea what we are doing! Ha!

This has been a whirlwind kind of thing. Let me break down the timeline for you...

Last Thursday (4/18), I approached Emma's dance teacher, Miss Danielle, about a private lesson. I just thought it would benefit her for the upcoming recital. Plus, Emma LOVES dancing and if she's good, I wanted to know so we could pursue it appropriately. Danielle briefly mentioned that she'd evaluate her at the lesson to see if she could try-out for the team (Em is still a little younger than the other girls trying out).

On Wednesday (4/24), Emma had a 45 min private lesson with Miss Danielle. After the lesson, she told us that she thought Em could try out. I point blank asked "If she were your kid, would you do it?" She said "Definitely." Then it dawned on my, the auditions were in 3 days. Let the stress begin. I started making calls to get Em's headshot (Thanks so much, Jennifer!), and went to get the right color tights, etc. At home, Emma didn't want to practice, so I started having my doubts on whether we'd be able to do this in such a short time. But wait, 30 min. later, she was ready to practice, and I felt better about it.

Thursday (4/25), Emma had her regular dance class.

Friday (4/26), we had another private lesson with Danielle. 10 minutes in, Danielle came and got me. She said that she didn't think she needed to go over everything for an hour. Emma knew it. Ohh-kkay. I know nada about dance, so if she says so...

Yesterday was the day! We had to be at the studio at 9 for practice.

Sorry for the poor quality of this pic!
When we got there, Em was nervous. She was expecting the girls from her class to be there, and didn't know any of these girls! She finally felt comfortable enough to get out on the floor and start playing around. Good thing about Em, she makes friends fast!

The girls started warming up and stretching, then came the "Ok Moms, see you at 11!" What! I wasn't expecting to leave! I waved bye and headed out. Talk about a pit in my stomach!

I had been trying to eat healthier, and cut out cokes! Forget that...

Stress eating.
I just sat in my car and read my book until it was time to go back in! Ha!

That's when I got this video! This is at practice before the audition. No, it's not technically perfect, but it's pretty cute!

Don't forget, Emma has only been dancing a couple of months!

We went home for a lunch break and rest. We had to be back at 1. This is where the blogger in me failed and forget my phone and my camera. Sorry., the mom in me was too stressed.

She was #1 at the auditions! She did so good! She remembered how to do all of her dance terms! And while doing the dance, y'all. She is such a ham, doing the "face" as I'm now calling it! Such attitude!

And she made it! Danielle later told me she got Best Stage Presence! Imagine! Ha!
So begins our new adventure as a dance family! Emma is on the Mini (5-7 year old) Dance Competition Team!
Sorry, this was so drawn out!


  1. YAY Emma!!! How awesome is that! I immediately thought of TLC's Dance Moms, LOL =)
    The video is too cute!
    Congrats Emma!!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed! Congrats on your new job title- Dance Mom. :)