Monday, July 30, 2012

iPhone Dump- Day Late & Dollar Short

OR a few days late... Sorry, folks!

I already told y'all that my dad's birthday was last week, but I forgot to post this picture.

Spoiling of my child continues...

Texas Diva- Blinged Out Flips & Mani/ Pedi
Em's new favorite lunch...

Can you tell which skewer my tomato loving child made?
I loved the opening ceremony of the Olympics. My favorite part, by far, was when the British athletes were entering the arena. The announcer said, "Here is the Queen cheering wildly for the athletes" The camera panned to the Queen, and here is the EXACT face she was making...

I laughed so hard. All by myself. I'm still laughing. :)

Quick trip to Wal-Mart for a birthday gift resulted in a mini bike riding lesson.

And to finish it off, a few weeks ago, I posted that I was getting a gallery wall together with our last family pics. I finally have the pictures up.

I don't know why its so crazy blurry! Anyway, its not finished, there are a few extra pieces I'm gonna put up there, and maybe my clock. Haven't totally decided. Oh, and I think the picture is crooked, not the frames. Or I hope. :/

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cuthand VBS 2012

Emma has been going to vacation bible school in the evenings all week. She had a blast!
The first three pictures are the only pictures I had from my phone! Em's teacher (and our cousin!) Tana, emailed me some she took, so I would have some to post! Thanks Tana!

Last night was the program! Emma was too much! I think we have a future Broadway star on our hands!

There are 6 videos (one song each), but I just couldn't choose one! If you can't watch all of them, I'd pick the 5th one... Em's favorite! Ha!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu Lake Day!

A huge benefit of Clinton's crazy work schedule (and mine!) is that we have some weekdays free to do what we want to do!

We had play date plans on Monday that fell through, so Clinton said he wanted to go to a local lake. We'd never been to this lake for some reason, and we thought why not check it out! And though, we had planned to just drive around, we took our swim stuff just in case!

Good thing we did, because the swim area was basically empty! Except for one couple, we had it to ourselves! It was so nice! The water was cool, and the temp was in the low 90's (which is like a spring breeze around here lately!)

I couldn't believe she went so deep into the water!

Aargh! A lake monster!

Not a pretty picture, but just us...

Getting so fearless!

My future's so bright...
Our peaceful time was interrupted, eventually. And I would have been fine sharing the swim area with the kids. BUT when the adults started throwing their cigarette butts into the water where my baby was swimming, (I was not pleased) we decided it was time to load up. People amaze me with their behavior. Smh. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up/ iPhone Dump

Seriously, I've been the worst blogger ever the past couple of weeks! Sorry 'bout that, people!

Oh lordy, its been a boring week here. We've been in the house most days. We've had a few play dates (indoors at McDonalds & Burger King because its only 10,000 degrees outside), but I didn't take any pictures. But here are the few pictures I did take this week!

Emma and I made frozen chocolate bananas as a snack. I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was!

Em had to put pink & purple sprinkles on some!
Despite her face in this picture, she does really like them! Mostly, to eat the chocolate off! Ha!
I'm working on making a gallery wall with our new family pictures! I hit up Hobby Lobby and came out a lot poorer! Here is my "rough plan"

And finally! Some of my pictures came in the mail today!

Sorry this is so blurry! I had just snapped the pic to send to Clinton, so wasn't too worried about it!
Emma had splash day at MDO on Thursday! Despite throwing huge fits all morning, we made it!

We made s'mores today in the oven!

She was super excited!

But ended up making a huge mess! Oh well, only takes soap & water!
We all went out tonight for my dad's 55th birthday! I talked my Memaw into trying my wine! Then I posted the picture on Facebook!

She said "Oh Lord, the preacher will probably see that!" Ha! Love that lady!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo Book

I finally ordered pictures from the ones we had made in April! I am so bad about that! Anyway, I love photo books, so I ordered one of those, too! Here is our latest photo book from Shutterfly!

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

Wrappin' up the week & Poop Talk

Pretty boring week here in the Cheatwood house.

One rainy day, Clinton jumped in the back of the car with Em, so he didn't have get soaked while buckling her.

On the way home, they jammed out to "Loser Like Me", which Emma LOVES! 

Check out her L!

And this is Clinton telling me to quit taking pictures and pay attention to my driving!

Yesterday (Thursday), we spent the day in Dallas. Em had another doctor appointment at Children's Hospital, dealing with her poop issues.

Here's a quick update (since I just realized I haven't written anything about it since that first post :/ I'm a very diligent blogger, ha! ) Skip this part if you are uncomfortable with poop talk!

Since that visit with Em's pediatrician, I convinced him it was time to see a specialist. We've been going to a pediatric gastroenterologist at Children's Hospital. First visit, we were given a new POA with some different meds and took x-rays & labs. We struggled with the new medicine (over the counter chocolate Ex-Lax- adult strength) because Em REFUSED to eat it. Eventually, we got her going pretty regularly with Benefiber.

Several weeks after her appointment, I got a call from the dr. office that said her labs for Celiac disease came back "indeterminate". So back to Children's we went. Obviously, Em was not happy getting poked again.

That was about 5 weeks ago (this is dragging out people). Since then, Em has become 95% potty trained. AND has started holding her poop again. She's going, but it might be 2, 3, 4, 5 days in between. To say, she struggles to get it out when she actually goes, would be an understatement. I'm talking ADULT sized! Or even bigger than that!

Anyway, we went back yesterday for a recheck, to get final results, and to discuss this latest issue. The doctor says that the Benefiber is both helping and hurting her. Hurting her by "bulking up" the poop. We are to reduce the Benefiber amount (a lot) and give her Miralax on the 2nd day she doesn't "go" and try to get down a good routine that works.  And she said that she is still backed up in the top part of her colon. So that means we get to do a 3 day "clean out"...meaning give her meds that will cause her to go and go until she's empty. (I'm just gonna let y'all imagine how much fun that is!) 

All that I can handle. But then she said that she did not have any results for us on the Celiac test. Apparently, its a 2-part blood test and the 2nd part got lost, wasn't done, had bad blood, who knows. She didn't know WHY she didn't get the results. We were all pretty upset & confused about this part (including the doctor). I had PROMISED Emma that she wouldn't have to get a "shot" this time. I shouldn't have. We were given two options- do more blood work, or go ahead a schedule an EGD (which she will have to have if the labs come back positive, anyway). Of course, we didn't want her to have to have the EGD if its unnecessary, so back to the lab we went. Em knew what was about to happen, and let us know very loudly how unhappy she was about it. It. Was. Awful. I ugly cried. Right there in the lab. My poor baby.

So we are still waiting for results. Ugh. Enough about that! The day wasn't all bad though!

Em loved Bass Pro Shop! 

Um... yuck! Why must she "love" on everything??
And as a special treat, a quick visit to the American Girl store.

Even though we swore she wasn't getting one... She did. Nana's will do that to you!

That wasn't all of Nana's spoiling either. Here is Em at home with just some of her loot.

And to wrap this up! Here is Em "washing dishes" today, a great way to keep her occupied while I work!

Oh! I almost forgot! Em entertained us while we were waiting for the doctor!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Play Date with the Harris Girls

My friend, Tiffany, her husband, Andy, and their two precious baby girls moved to Tennessee on Friday. I'm sad, but I know their life in Tennessee will be great. Andy got a great new job, and they are now in close range to both sides of their family. That in itself is a blessing. I don't think I could ever be far away from my family, so I don't know how they've been handling it all this time! 

But still, I'm gonna miss Tiff's hilarity. And her kids hilarity. And their sweet little faces. :(

This past week was crazy for everyone, but we made a point of getting all the kids together one more time.

Baby Ryder

Rory, cool & vacuuming.
 The kids were super happy that we made them sit down for a group picture.

Bubba, Emma, Payton, Haydon, Ace, Rory, Annalise, & Ryder

Silly faces!

Lunch time!

Ryder thought the mac n' cheese was yum!

Emma loves "Baby Ryder"

Said they were telling secrets.

Ryder let me give her a bottle.
Then we are started getting a little teary, knowing it was almost time to go, but Rory saved us. 

Left us a surprise in the hallway.
Poor thing tried to take her diaper off to go to the potty. BUT she didn't make it to the bathroom. And it was not the wet kind.. Bahahahaha!

Then one last group pic! We were all laughing because my short arms couldn't hold the camera out far enough!

Me, Tiffany, Cassidy, & Misty
We did quick hugs and Tiffany ran out the door to avoid a big sob-fest. 

After Tiffany & Cassidy left, Misty and I sat around and talked for a little while. I guess we were too sad and boring for Ace, because he started up a dance party.

Em and I decided we had to show them how to do the Cha Cha Slide!

Bring it to the top!

Early Friday morning (surprising both of us that I was up so early!) I stopped by Tiffany's house before they pulled out. Got hugs from Rory and Tiffany. And again, had to run out quick before I bawled. When I got back in the truck, Clinton said "Are you boo-hooing?" I said no! He said "take your shades off..." and I did. "Yes, you are." I just said "I don't want to talk about it". It's hard when someone you are close to leaves. But even on her trip to TN, she kept us entertained.... Read her blog post about her crazy trip home...  I miss you, Tiffany! But you're life in TN will be fantastic, I just know it!!