Monday, September 13, 2010

57 Years of Marriage

I cannot imagine being married for 57 years, but my Memaw and Papaw have!

We had a family dinner for them yesterday (Sept. 12) to celebrate them being able to tolerate each other for that long.
Note: this picture was not taken at the anniversary dinner. I wasn't able to catch them next to each other... it must have been one of those non-tolerant days!
Kirk gave Jalyn hula hoop lessons.
Emma gave it a try! (I did too, but those pictures have been banished to the trash can!)
Emma loving on her Alex!
Kamryn, Emma, and Bradyn just sitting... I don't know what was going on here, I just caught them like this.
Austin, Chance & Kendra's only child, was also in attendance.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Homecoming Game

Even though we were all tired from spending the day at the zoo, we decided to take Emma to the RHS Homecoming game that night. I couldn't let Em go to the game without a mum! We stopped in the flower shop and they made her and Libby matching mums. (I wasn't able to get a picture of Libby because the stands were too crowded.)

I peeked in the press box for a quick snap of  Lil' Coach (aka Bradyn) working with his dad (Big Coach?).

Visiting the Zoo

Emma, Clinton, and I spent the day at the Tyler Zoo with Mamou, Cody, Lynann, and Libby Lou!!

Starting the day!
Everyone checking out the ducks!
Libby and Cody
Kissing Daddy's head!
Clinton is such a good daddy!
Cody is too!
The girls watching the gators lie in the sun!
A flower for you!
"I push, Daday!"
What's back there??
Tractor girls!
Libby showing Emma how to pet the goats!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garage Sale

While packing to move, I discovered that there were many, many things in my house that I no longer wanted, and did not wish to move into the new house! Problem= too much junk, solution= garage sale! Let me just say, garage sales are too much work, but I had one anyway. We almost sold out the first day, but Mom, Dad, & Evie replenished our supply of junk and we were back in business! It was a big success! Everyone made money and we didn't melt in the heat!
Emma was our official greeter. She said hi and bye to everyone!

Libby trying out Em's new bike! (Not a garage sale item!)
Libs watching the crazed shoppers! I'm with you Libby- I don't understand it!

Emma's Room

With Emma out of the house at her second day of "school", I decided that it would be a good time to take some pictures of her room to show the world (or the two people who actually read this blog).
This is her room prior to me cleaning it... Now you know why I didn't post with the other pictures of the house!! Also, the mess-maker herself is featured in this photo!
All clean! View from her door!
View from closet door!
Another angle- focusing on bed!
Kitchen play area! She's a great cook! ;)