Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here...

Or has come and gone, I should say! But hey, look at me, blogging about Christmas before New Year's!

Let me just start by saying that we had an amazing Christmas this year, but dang, I'm sick of it! I want this post done & over with and I want the decorations gone! I was all about it, but now that its over, I want it GONE! Ha! 

Christmas Eve started, as always, at my Memaw's house!

She was ready!

Memaw & Kendra

The 2 oldest great-grands.

The 2 youngest great-grands.

Surrounded by presents!

Look at that face!
Then we headed to my parents for more food & presents.

The kids ready to play the left/right game!

When Jalyn gets excited about presents, he removes clothing... This year was a little more risque than last year.
After time with my side of the family, we stopped by Clinton's aunt's house for a little while. Then we headed home, and discussed the idea of getting a puppy. We had been talking about it all day, and various family members had put the pressure on Clinton! He finally relented and we started texting the people. It was well after 8 pm. When we got home to Paris, the decision was made and the people were ready to meet to hand him over, TONIGHT! So Clinton headed out, at 9 pm to get Em a new puppy!

Introducing our new family member, Jax!

The next morning, the fun stuff started!

She was so excited!

Clinton made us an amazing breakfast pizza, so we ate after presents. Then lazed around the house enjoying our presents and Jax. We went to a late lunch at Clinton's aunt's house, then off to his parents!

Don't know what this face is! Surprised? Excited?

Emma, Libby, & Cawyer

And Jax!

Fred's Shenanigan's Week 3

and 4, I guess? I got off somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it!

He hid in the tree! (Em was not impressed with this one... bar too high?)

Demanding much?

Wrapped up in the gift tag stickers!

Fred set out all the ingredients to make Reindeer Food!
His goodbye letter!

So long, Fred!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fred's Shenanigan's Week 2 & more Christmas Activities

We watched "Elf", so Fred caught a craving for elf spaghetti!

Playing in Em's dress-up jewelry!

Upset about Em's behavior...naughty list?

Playing checkers with Peri.

Hiding in my freezer...

Eating my cookie dough!!

Watching a performance of "The Nutcracker" ballet!

Getting his dance face on....

In a bit of a situation with Strawberry Shortcake and pals...

Other Christmas-y things we've been up to...

A "RACK" blitz all over town! 

SANTA stopped by for a visit!

Reading her letter!

A trip to see the ICE! at the Gaylord Texan!

The theme was "The Nutcracker"!

It's our favorite one so far!

Then we were in New York, NY!

On the Times Square Jumbo-tron!

Taking a bite of the Big Apple!

And as always, the beautiful Nativity!

We got to meet the ballerina!

Fun times! I will check in next week with more of Fred's antics!