Monday, December 9, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 5

Day 5 was our last port day, in Nassau!

The view from the ship!
We did an excursion to Atlantis resort through DCL. We took a shuttle to the resort, then had to walk a LOOONNGG way to the private beach area that was reserved for us, but it was worth it! Look at this spot!

Always posing!

Em was such a Daddy's Girl that day!

Oh, you know, just making sand castles in the Bahamas. No big deal.

Conked right out! All that playing is hard!

And she's back!
After beach time, we went to eat lunch (included) and explored the resort a little!

Like I said, Daddy's Girl.

After seeing all the aquariums, we went back to the ship! 

That night was a special night! It was Happy Halloween on the High Seas! We were, also, celebrating Emma's birthday! 

Our little witch!

I have no pictures, but after we saw the characters, we went to the Toy Story the Musical! It was a live action show based on the 1st movie! It was really good!! Then it was time to go to the top deck for the Family Deck Party! There was dancing and a costume parade!
Dancing at the deck party!

After the party, we went down to our dinner in Triton's. 

I love the mosaic mural!

K's app- bacon & mushroom tart

E's dinner- Micky Alfredo

C's app- Escargot. Yes, he tried them. Not to his liking, but he tried!

Look at those sleepy eyes!

Still Daddy's Girl!

K's entree- Beef Tenderloin

Shared- Three Cheese Lobster Macaroni

C's entree- Braised Lamb Shank

Emma's birthday cake! The servers sang to her, but she got all embarrassed and hid her face!

K's dessert- Grand Marnier Souffle--- SOOOO GOOOOD

C's dessert- Creme Brulee

Amazing Trick or Treat table!

Super scary pumpkin!

I've procastinated this too long, because I can't remember what we did that night after dinner! I'm assuming we went to bed, especially after seeing these pictures and Em's super sleepy eyes at dinner!

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  1. The deck party and all of the activities make me really want to go on a Disney Cruise now. Plus the fact that Emma can go do her thing at the kids club and yall can have some adult time too. You have me sold!