Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It doesn't take much to entertain a child...

just a few sheets of construction paper and some good ol' Elmers glue!

I know it can take even less than that to entertain kids, but we were doing learning time, too! We talked about letters (and shapes! The white paper is a square.), and Emma told what color each scrap was as she put it on and I figure we were working on fine motor skills, too.

Emma, also, got to use scissors (plastic safety scissors) for the first time today! But I was concentrating on her not cutting anything she shouldn't so I didn't get my camera out! 

I told her to look at me and smile, but she was paying attention to gluing so she didn't look at me!

When I snapped that pic, though, I got her attention.... "Let me see!"

My pretty girl!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

So I've been sick the last couple of days... sick as a dog... just put me outta my misery sick.

Here's what happened...
I've been having neck pain due a muscle strain caused more than likely by bad posture. Ugh. I've been seeing a chiropractor, but the pain just hasn't gone away. I called and asked a doctor to call me in some more muscle relaxers and pain pills because I was having a hard time functioning (more than usual). On Sunday, I took one of said pain pills, even after Clinton warned me that they were Hydrocodone (which I had just been told I was allergic to... apparently if you are allergic to Vicodin, you are allergic to Hydrocodone.) I was hurting so bad I said "I don't care! I need something!" BIG MISTAKE! Within 20 minutes, I was feeling bad. Within 2 hours, I was vomiting and had a terrible headache. Six hours later, I was on my way to the ER. They patched me up and sent me home. I went to my doctor the next day and got some more meds and a shot which put me to sleep for the rest of the day. I woke up around 9 last night feeling so much better! Today I am mostly back to myself, except for the friggin' neck pain. I'll get that worked out eventually.

Anyway, yesterday before my dr. appt. I sat outside with Clinton and Emma because it was less than 100 degrees outside and fairly tolerable. Clinton was doing some yard work, and of course, Emma had to help!

She kept saying "Gotta clean up this mess!!" and "Look Mommy, I'm so strong!"

And yes, she's still in her nightgown. What of it?

She's a good helper!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School's Back In Session

I've been slacking on Emma's "learning time" this summer, but since school has started back this week I thought Emma should get back to it, too!

She knows her colors, shapes (there is nothing cuter than a two yr old saying octagon!), numbers, and can say her abc's, so I figured the next step was writing... but no! My sister, the teacher, told me I was crazy to think that Emma should be learning to write already. So we aren't doing that. We are going to work on her fine motor skills while working on her letters.

Today, she picked up cotton balls with tongs (something Trishia told me to do??). Then she glued cotton balls, macaroni, and beans onto letters.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decorating: Step 1

Clinton and I have been working on jazzing up our house. Its still hard to believe that we have the space to decorate!

I started with a wall right off our entryway. Here is what it looked like before...

I'm talking about the wall to the right with nothing but a mirror and pictures on it!
And this is the wall now!

It's still a work in progress, but I looooooove it!!

I got the window and the cabinet at a great new store in Paris, The Huckleberry!

Now I get to find cool stuff to put in the cabinet! Yay!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My child has an irrational fear of flies. House flies. She has pteronarcophobia, which is, obviously, the phobia of flies.

Tonight, she was eating her supper. Eating really good, too! Which as you know with most toddlers is hit or miss! I was sitting at the table with her making bows. I looked up to see that she had shoved her plate and napkin all the way to one side of the table and was doing her best to lean all the way over, too.

I said "what's wrong". She said "I don't like it!" She was pointing at a fly. I shooed it away, but of course, it just came right back. She freaked smooth out! Needless to say, her supper was over.

She spent the next 20 minutes in my lap, dodging flies!

What in the world!

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Little Ballerina...Err... Tapper

Emma was really excited to go to dance class today! She got to wear her ballerina outfit!

And she did ballerina dances until it was time to leave...

But of course she was a major pain at class!

Started ok with the stretches.

Even tried a few steps...

Then she had to go to timeout for not listening!

Getting some help from her teacher!

THEN the tap shoes came out!

The girls were SO excited!

Doing a turn!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Emma (and me) had a play-date today at my friend Regan's house. The kids had a blast!

BUT I forgot to take pictures until the end and some of the kids had already left. That's what I get for getting too wrapped up in adult conversation!!!

Hayden, Livi, Colt, Ace, & Peyton
Em's not in that picture because she was being ornery! Imagine that! Oh, she frustrates me so...

And here's Emma standing off to the side... just wouldn't sit down!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Southern Swag

All it takes is a little inspiration, and you have a new venture! For me and my friend, Regan, our inspiration was a gift I got from Terri! (I wrote about it here.)

So we are now making custom Redneck wineglasses! They can be customized with colors, initials, or bling!

LIKE us on Facebook! Southern Swag

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emma's First Dance Class

Let's just say it didn't go... great.

She was super excited!

But when class started...

She got really shy!

She wanted to play with the barre, but that wasn't part of the class!

She finally decided to join the other girls... as you can see, Kinsley didn't have a great first class, either!

After this, Em quit participating again and the class culminated with Emma throwing a fit and being chased around the building by her Daddy. I don't have pics because my battery went dead!

But I guess we'll give dance class another go tomorrow. Pray for us!