Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My child has an irrational fear of flies. House flies. She has pteronarcophobia, which is, obviously, the phobia of flies.

Tonight, she was eating her supper. Eating really good, too! Which as you know with most toddlers is hit or miss! I was sitting at the table with her making bows. I looked up to see that she had shoved her plate and napkin all the way to one side of the table and was doing her best to lean all the way over, too.

I said "what's wrong". She said "I don't like it!" She was pointing at a fly. I shooed it away, but of course, it just came right back. She freaked smooth out! Needless to say, her supper was over.

She spent the next 20 minutes in my lap, dodging flies!

What in the world!

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