Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Santa left lots of surprises this morning!

We're going on a Disney Cruise on Jan. 12th!

18 DAYS!

She very much wanted a wedding veil, so Santa HAD to bring one!

We lazed around the house all morning (it was glorious!), then got ready and headed back to Cuthand to Clinton's parents' house.

I don't think Emma and Libby know that they don't HAVE to wear princess dresses!

Cawyer's first Christmas!

Libby with the doll we got her!
We didn't get to stay long because it started SNOWING! A WHITE CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS! Very rare! Snow is the equivalent to the apocalypse here. People do NOT know how to handle winter weather down here! We made it home safe, and went right outside to play in it! Rule #1 of Texas snow, play it in when you can, because it could be gone in a few hours!

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas! I'm a little sad its all over! But on to planning the cruise down to each minute, can't wait!

Fred's Adventures Week 5 & Christmas Eve

Saturday night, we had a family party (I got too busy having fun and forgot to take pictures!) and Aunt Terri brought Emma a snow mobile Barbie, but we didn't have time to open it when we got home...

Fred took care of that... he just can't leave the Barbies alone!

Christmas Eve was Fred's last morning with us, he left Emma a letter!

Here's what it said...

dear emma ,

today is my last day with you. tonight, i will fly back to the north pole with santa and i won’t be back until next christmas! i have had so much fun playing with your toys and being silly at your house. even though you haven’t really been a good girl the last couple of days, you are still on the nice list! santa will be delivery your gifts tonight! but i want you to really try hard to be good next year! i’ll miss you!


p.s.  i talked to your mommy & daddy and we've agreed that you can open 1 present early! 

We got dressed and headed to Memaw's for lunch!

Emma, Nakota, & Alexa

No one likes to look at the same time!

After lunch, we headed to my mom's for more food and presents!





Clinton and Em

Now, Jalyn had his shirt off for a reason. Nana must have really done good on his gift (Yu Gi Oh cards??) because he hooted and hollered and whipped his shirt off and waved it over his head! Notice Emma cackling behind him, we all had a good laugh!

We finally got home and got ready for Santa's arrival!

Someone was excited!

Then it was off to bed to dream about Santa!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventures of Fred- Week 4 & Em's Class Party

Well, Fred's time with us is almost over, but we've sure had fun! Here's what he's been up to this week!

On Sunday, there was a pretty wild pool party on the CRUISE ship... hint, hint!

Fred went rogue with the wrapping paper on Monday.

Took it upon himself to redecorate the mantle on Tuesday... with Em's panties!

He made the living room a winter wonderland on Wednesday! Must have took him a LONG time to make all of those snowflakes! A. Long. Time.

Too bad, Fred's hard work was not appreciated.

Fred wasn't happy about Emma tearing down the snowflakes, so he didn't do ANYTHING Thursday night. Also, Emma turned into a devil child on Thursday and didn't deserve any fun surprises!! She, also, got all of her presents taken away from under the tree. Yes, she was THAT bad! She's slowly earning them back. 

Last night, we caught Fred having a very civilized tea party with the princesses.

 Em's class party was on Tuesday! She was so excited to give her teachers presents! See, I hadn't gotten them presents for the Halloween and Thanksgiving parties (others did) and Emma wasn't happy about it! We made EXTRA sure that we got ones for Christmas!

Giving Ms. Hiner her present!

Mrs. Benson and Emma

Monday, December 17, 2012

One Very Special Visitor!

Last year, Emma received a very special message in my email! This year, she had a special visitor!

We were watching Christmas specials on the couch when we heard bells and "Ho Ho Hos" outside! Next thing we know, Santa came right in the front door!! Emma ran right up and jumped in his arms!

Then, they sat on the fireplace and had a little chat!

Santa had the letter that Emma had wrote and sent to him at her school party

Here is a video of their conversation. She was in awe!

She just can't believe that SANTA came to see her! She's been so excited about it ever since he left! I know one little girl who is even MORE excited for Christmas now!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventures of Fred- Week 3 & Christmas Catch-up

After Fred's neon sticker adventure last week, Emma got a little excited about taking the stickers off, and... accidentally touched him... just a teeny, tiny, little bit! So Sunday, Fred had to spend the day recuperating. 

He, also, opened the book the the "no touching" part, in case we forgot!

Monday night, we finally started experiencing winter weather here in Texas, so Fred bundled up and snuggled up with the reindeer.

Tuesday AND Wednesday were not good... not good at all, so Fred was NOT happy!

Thursday morning, Fred was super happy that Em had been a good girl, so he brought some M&M's and... got stuck in the bag trying to get himself some!

That night Emma and I went to a live Nativity at a local Cowboy church (more about that later), so Fred wanted to know more about what we saw...

so he read the story in her Bible.
Unfortunately, yesterday was another BAD day, so no antics from Fred for today.

So here's a little bit of Christmas posting catch-up...

Emma continues to RACK bell ringers in town, and one RACK'd her back!

He gave her her own bell!

Emma finally got brave enough to see Santa! We were so proud! I'll post the pictures when I get them!

We had a little get together with friends and let the kids exchange gifts!

Of course, they wouldn't all look at one time! ;)
 The live Nativity I was talking about was really nice! The church had popcorn and cookies, hot chocolate and coffee while you waited! Then we loaded on wagons and rode through different scenes depicting the events leading up to the birth of Christ! It was beautiful! Emma loved it!

Sorry for the terrible blurry pictures!
Yesterday, at my monthly MOPS meeting, we played game and made crafts!

My team didn't win the race, but our snowman (Cassidy in the middle!) was the best! ;)