Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fred's Adventures 2012, Week 1

Fred is our Elf on the Shelf! Last year, I did one post of his adventures, but I've gotten so many new ideas from Pinterest this year! So I'm going to do one post each week, show Fred's silliness!

He arrived last Sunday, and brought us a North Pole Breakfast! Emma has talked about it all week! She thought it was the BEST thing ever!

Monday morning, Emma woke up to a mess in her room...

Tuesday, Fred made a mess on the bathroom mirror!

Wednesday morning, Fred had gotten into the cereal!

He was just hanging around on Thursday...

Friday, Fred showed how upset he was that he had to give Santa a bad report. Not good, Emma.

But she made up for it, and was extra good all day Friday! So this morning, he brought her a little surprise!

A coloring sheet for him and a coloring sheet for her!

Every morning, Em wakes up saying "I wonder what silly things Fred did!" Can't wait to see what he gets up the next few weeks!


  1. I love the "Fred pout" and the reward for being good. Emma is still too young to understand it right now!

    Cute ideas! Emma has laughed the hardest at Ariel being upside down on the lights or on the fan! It cracks me up what amuses her!

    1. It is so fun! You'll have fun next year with Ariel!

  2. LOVE THIS! You have some really good ideas! And i'm totally going to do the North Pole Breakfast, but i'm going to save that one for Christmas Eve morning. I'm thinking that "Patch" is going to come with us to Disney =)

    1. Christmas Eve breakfast is a good idea!! I can't wait to see what an Elf can get up to at Disney!