Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ICE! Merry Madagascar

Last week, the Cheatwood's continued our *new* tradition of going to the Gaylord Texan to see the ICE! In attendance were me, Clinton, Emma, Sherri, Cody, Lynann, Libby, & Cawyer! Here is the post from last year!

Side note- I love seeing the Gaylord Texan decorated for Christmas! It is gorgeous!

All bundled up and ready to go!

Merry MadaDasDAR! That's what Em says, anyway!

Snow ICE! Bunnies?

Emma and her Daddy going down the ice slide!

Libby went all by herself!

My two cold loves!
My favorite is always the beautiful ice nativity!

After we warmed up, we went to Gingy's to decorate gingerbread men!

I tried to get a good picture of the girls...

they did NOT cooperate!

But they loved decorating with Mamou!

Emma was having SO much fun...

UNTIL we told her she was about to see Gingy...

Cawyer wasn't scared!

But Emma... pure terror. Sigh.
 We walked around the hotel to get some photo ops...

Another "best I could get"... those girls, SMH.

Told you the decorations were breathtaking!

Santa's HUGE boots!

The Clinton Cheatwood Family

The Cody Cheatwood Family
It really is a fun thing to do during the Christmas Season! We spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping... I'm not going to tell the story about me leaving my phone at a store in the mall. SMH. Besides that, it was a great day!


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    1. Not just cool, freezing! BAHAHA Too corny? Yeah, you're right! ;)

      Please excuse me. It's late and I'm delirious!

  2. I somehow missed this post!!!! This place looks like fun!! ANd your pics came out great!!! =)