Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas with Santa- Central Day School Party

Emma's school has a fundraising event every year called Christmas with Santa! This was our first year to attend!

I signed up to do the early shift, helping set up before the party. But we went a little too early, so Emma and I had a little photo session at the fountain. Obviously, this is our "go to activity" for killing time!

Emma was "so excited" for her party. I say quote so excited, because she kept saying "I'm so excited!" Ha!

There were so many activities for the kids to do!

First thing, we wrote a letter to Santa!

She, also, made snow! 

Mixed up some reindeer food with Alex!

Then, she made MORE snow with Libby!

Then we all rode a horse drawn carriage! 

There were a lot more activities, but I was too busy chasing Miss Priss to get any pictures! Notice there is no pictures with Santa... because Emma screamed and cried when she saw Santa. Sigh.

Besides that little episode, the party was really fun! I hope the school raised a lot of money!

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