Sunday, December 2, 2012

RACKing for Christmas & a Parade

Last December, Emma and I RACK'd people.  RACK stand for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. We had a lot of fun doing it last year! You can read about it here and here AND here.

We have officially started the 2012 RACKs!

This poor bell ringer! She walked up waving the paper like looky looky here! Ha! He said he remembered her from last year, that he had gotten a few of these! Watch out bell ringers of Paris, Emma is coming for you!

I talked her into purging her toys by saying we were doing it as another RACK and would donate the toys to kids who need them!

I'm sure that little Sonic toy is EXACTLY what other kids want. SMH. She did finally fill up two bags! It is hard for her to overcome her hoarding tendencies. By God, I WILL break her of it, too!

I took Emma to the Paris parade last night! She had a great time!


She waved so much, can't believe her arm didn't fall off! Ha! After the parade, we rode a CINDERELLA carriage through the lights! She was so excited!

Love watching her eyes light up!


  1. My Emma is a hoarder too! Oh my word, this child wants to keep EVERYTHING! She even wanted to keep a piece of her jacket from last year that the dog ate. I asked her why and she said for "memories". LOL Love all the pictures, but the last one is adorable!!!! =)

  2. I'm jealous of the Cinderella ride through the lights! Lucky Emma!!

    1. The lights are literally IN FRONT of our house, so we kind of get tired of them. But the carriage is only out there ever once in a while, so we jumped when we had the chance!