Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventures of Fred- Week 3 & Christmas Catch-up

After Fred's neon sticker adventure last week, Emma got a little excited about taking the stickers off, and... accidentally touched him... just a teeny, tiny, little bit! So Sunday, Fred had to spend the day recuperating. 

He, also, opened the book the the "no touching" part, in case we forgot!

Monday night, we finally started experiencing winter weather here in Texas, so Fred bundled up and snuggled up with the reindeer.

Tuesday AND Wednesday were not good... not good at all, so Fred was NOT happy!

Thursday morning, Fred was super happy that Em had been a good girl, so he brought some M&M's and... got stuck in the bag trying to get himself some!

That night Emma and I went to a live Nativity at a local Cowboy church (more about that later), so Fred wanted to know more about what we saw...

so he read the story in her Bible.
Unfortunately, yesterday was another BAD day, so no antics from Fred for today.

So here's a little bit of Christmas posting catch-up...

Emma continues to RACK bell ringers in town, and one RACK'd her back!

He gave her her own bell!

Emma finally got brave enough to see Santa! We were so proud! I'll post the pictures when I get them!

We had a little get together with friends and let the kids exchange gifts!

Of course, they wouldn't all look at one time! ;)
 The live Nativity I was talking about was really nice! The church had popcorn and cookies, hot chocolate and coffee while you waited! Then we loaded on wagons and rode through different scenes depicting the events leading up to the birth of Christ! It was beautiful! Emma loved it!

Sorry for the terrible blurry pictures!
Yesterday, at my monthly MOPS meeting, we played game and made crafts!

My team didn't win the race, but our snowman (Cassidy in the middle!) was the best! ;)

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