Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventures of Fred- Week 4 & Em's Class Party

Well, Fred's time with us is almost over, but we've sure had fun! Here's what he's been up to this week!

On Sunday, there was a pretty wild pool party on the CRUISE ship... hint, hint!

Fred went rogue with the wrapping paper on Monday.

Took it upon himself to redecorate the mantle on Tuesday... with Em's panties!

He made the living room a winter wonderland on Wednesday! Must have took him a LONG time to make all of those snowflakes! A. Long. Time.

Too bad, Fred's hard work was not appreciated.

Fred wasn't happy about Emma tearing down the snowflakes, so he didn't do ANYTHING Thursday night. Also, Emma turned into a devil child on Thursday and didn't deserve any fun surprises!! She, also, got all of her presents taken away from under the tree. Yes, she was THAT bad! She's slowly earning them back. 

Last night, we caught Fred having a very civilized tea party with the princesses.

 Em's class party was on Tuesday! She was so excited to give her teachers presents! See, I hadn't gotten them presents for the Halloween and Thanksgiving parties (others did) and Emma wasn't happy about it! We made EXTRA sure that we got ones for Christmas!

Giving Ms. Hiner her present!

Mrs. Benson and Emma


  1. Fred has been up to a lot at your house!!!! I love the picture of Emma with the necklace on! Super cute!!

  2. The toilet wrapping is crazy! How long did that take?!?!


    1. It really only took like 5 minutes! It wasn't perfect wrapping by any means! Now the snowflakes that got tore up... That took forever!