Monday, December 17, 2012

One Very Special Visitor!

Last year, Emma received a very special message in my email! This year, she had a special visitor!

We were watching Christmas specials on the couch when we heard bells and "Ho Ho Hos" outside! Next thing we know, Santa came right in the front door!! Emma ran right up and jumped in his arms!

Then, they sat on the fireplace and had a little chat!

Santa had the letter that Emma had wrote and sent to him at her school party

Here is a video of their conversation. She was in awe!

She just can't believe that SANTA came to see her! She's been so excited about it ever since he left! I know one little girl who is even MORE excited for Christmas now!


  1. How awesome!!! I bet she was super excited!!!! How many days now until your trip? I bet you all are getting excited!