Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It doesn't take much to entertain a child...

just a few sheets of construction paper and some good ol' Elmers glue!

I know it can take even less than that to entertain kids, but we were doing learning time, too! We talked about letters (and shapes! The white paper is a square.), and Emma told what color each scrap was as she put it on and I figure we were working on fine motor skills, too.

Emma, also, got to use scissors (plastic safety scissors) for the first time today! But I was concentrating on her not cutting anything she shouldn't so I didn't get my camera out! 

I told her to look at me and smile, but she was paying attention to gluing so she didn't look at me!

When I snapped that pic, though, I got her attention.... "Let me see!"

My pretty girl!

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