Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Cowboys Classic

Clinton and I left the little one with her grandparents this weekend and went to Dallas to see LSU play Oregon at Cowboys Stadium!!

On the BIG screen!

Clinton's Uncle Nell and his son, Duane, drove up from Baton Rouge/Sorrento to see the game, too! Uncle Nell (and family) has had season tickets since the '60s, but Nell had never been to an away game!

Duane, Nell, & Clinton

The game was awesome and LSU won!! We are exhausted and I've run out of intelligent things to say, so I'll just post some of the pictures from the day!

At a sports bar before the game. We decided against tailgating in the 100+ degree heat!
The Hanna Men in front of Cowboys Stadium!

Just a few of the tailgaters! It was CRAZY! 
Uncle Nell & Clinton in front of that massive screen!

At Duane & Nell's seats!
The view from our seats!

Me & Clinton at our seats!
The Tigers warming up!
The Golden Band from Tigerland!

Pre-game huddle!
It was hard to watch the field, with that big screen RIGHT there!
TGBFTL rocks!
When they showed Tiger Stadium aka "Death Valley", the place got LOUD!

A premonition, maybe?
Mike the Tiger, dressed as a duck hunter!!
The half-time show!
Guess what's about to happen here!

The Tigers scored and Mike showed up the push-up doing Duck by doing one-armed push ups... 40 of them!
A better view!
Final Score! Tigers Win! Tigers Win!

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