Monday, September 5, 2011

Emma's Room Re-design #2

I have been posting about redoing Emma's room... Here... Here... and Here... Wow, I have been "working" on this for months! :)

I've been using to get inspiration! You can see my "Em's Room Ideas" board here.

Yesterday, Clinton and I went shopping specifically for Emma's room. (For some reason, any and all shopping trips are for Emma in some capacity!)

We are working in a budget, so I was happy that we got lots of stuff for $100! You have to love Ikea and Target!

We've had to adjust some of my original vision, but I think its going to turn out great.

The metal baskets are going to be an adaption of the below pic. I would love to do that, but I couldn't find any planters big enough! AND you can't be $2.50 per basket!

The white ring in the first picture is a canopy for my take on this

I'm a little concerned about the rug not matching my fabric choices, but it was on clearance for $20... A 4X6 rug!

We, also, got 3 white shelves, some peel & stick heart mirrors, and an easel with supplies! We did a lot of price matching on some storage pieces, so that will be coming soon.

I wish Em's birthday would hurry up, so we could get this project going! I'm excited!

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