Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freshening Up Em's Room #2

As I said before, Emma's room's decor is straight nursery, unless you count the toys everywhere! I am planning to fix it up as a "big girl" room little by little. First was some new bedding, and second is painting her table and chairs!

I've been planning to paint the set since we bought it! Em has colored on it, banged on it, and spilled nail polish on it. Nail polish she wasn't supposed to have in the first place! So it was looking pretty rough!

I used a Magic eraser & sandpaper to clean it up.


And after!
I picked a pink and purple from the Disney collection. I think it makes it girly and cute!

(Clinton took these... while I painted in the garage, he CLEANED Em's room!)

The purple is a little bit lighter than I though it would be.

The chairs were a pain to paint!

The pink is Pepto pink!!

All done!
I don't have a picture of how they look in Emma's room, yet, because they are still drying in the garage!

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