Friday, March 25, 2011

Family Night

I have basically been a single parent for the last 2 weeks. Clinton has been home, but he's been working nights and a lot of overtime. Today is his one day off, so we decided to have family night.

While I was waiting for our supper to finish cooking (a big pot of Prejean's smoky beans with corn bread), I asked Em if she wanted to help me make dessert. (It IS a diet cheat day, after all.) Of course, she was all in! I had originally planned to make peach cobbler, but I couldn't find any peaches. I did have a couple of cake mixes. I sent her to ask her daddy if he wanted yellow cake or chocolate cake. Five minutes later, Clinton was still trying to figure out what she was saying about yellow cake, so I intervened. He chose the yellow cake, of course, and Em and I set out to make it for him!
(Photos by Clinton)
Ready to go!

Trying to steal an egg! Not cool!

Eating the dry mix... I used to do this a lot when I was little!

Trying to help. She kept saying "I stir it up, I stir it up!"

She comes by it naturally.

Definitely getting more on the counter than in her mouth.

Spreading it in the pan.

Oops! Lost her spoon!

Eating the batter right off the counter.

While I was cleaning up, she ran off... came back as a cooking princess.


We spent the rest of family night eating and watching "Alice in Lundaland".

So much fun!

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