Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learning to Fish Part 2: Touching the fish

Last time we took Emma fishing, she was scared of the fish that Clinton caught. BUT she's has been talking about going fishing nonstop! We headed to Cuthand today to pick up Clinton's "new" old boat, so we took our poles!
Clinton caught one on his first cast!

Papaw's was a lot bigger, though.

Em didn't even want to stand next to Papaw as he held it.

Clinton trying to get her to touch it.

Not going well...

uh oh!

Finally, Emmy went fishing too!

Cap says "Instant Fishing Buddy... Just Add Water!"

Here she is "thinking" about touching one.

She did it!! Step 2 complete!

Dad & Clinton running the motor in the water.

Yep, the boat is almost as big as the pool.

Somehow, Nana always has balloons around.

Em wanted to "Let 'em in the sky"

Watching the balloons fly away.

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