Sunday, February 20, 2011

Learning to fish

Clinton bought Emma a fishing pole for Valentine's Day. It's a Disney Princess fishing pole. Emma loves it! So we had to teach her how to use it!

Clinton and my dad started out showing her how to cast in the backyard.

We are only letting her practice with the plastic crown that came with the pole. No hooks.

Still not getting the concept of reeling it in...

Then we went to the pools behind my dad's house to try to catch a fish!

Now, THAT is a crew!

Playing in the muddy, nasty water.

Em decided she needed to be safe!

Yeah, Papaw is fishing with a pink fishing pole! MY pink fishing pole!

I think that the lack of fish catching had begun to bore her.
No fish were caught behind my dad's house, so we stopped by Uncle Sid's pool and Clinton caught one on the second cast. 

He wanted Emma to touch it.

Emma didn't want to touch it. Or get anywhere near it.
We saw a wild otter! He was trying to play with us, jumping up and down in the water! It was too cool!
Awww! Father/ daughter bonding moments.

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