Sunday, February 27, 2011

San Antonio! Day One (a.k.a. BBQ Road Trip Phase 1)

For Christmas, Clinton gave me tickets to see the play Wicked in San Antonio, which also translated into a weekend away! We decided to make the trip to and from SA into a BBQ road trip to try a couple of the top places in Texas!

Unfortunately, the day before we left (Thursday) I got really sick and went to the doctor, only to be diagnosed with strep throat, which Em had earlier in the week. It sucked, big time. So I slept from Bogata to Austin, or about 5 hours. Poor Clinton had to drive by himself. Anyway, I had rallied by the time we arrived at our first stop of the BBQ RT, The Salt Lick , in Driftwood, TX.

The place was huge and had a really festive atmosphere. We had a little bit of a wait, but it was nice outside and there was some live music on the patio.

We lucked out and were seated in the original building (there were two) with the pit!

We ordered combo plates, but Clinton chose sausage & I chose turkey.

The money shot!


Our ratings: It was a really cool place! The ribs were my favorite (ribs) of the trip, but we only had one each to try. Should have ordered just ribs. The sausage here was both of our choice for best sausage. We didn't have turkey at the second place, but it was good and juicy! The brisket had a good smoke flavor & smoke ring, but was too dry for our taste. I didn't really like the sides, except the beans, which were fine. I think there were fennel seeds in potato salad and coleslaw, I don't like fennel seeds. Clinton never eats potato salad or coleslaw, so he didn't get a vote. The "extras", bread & pickles, were great here, too. I believe they were both homemade. All in all, we left happy, thinking we had had a great meal! We will definitely go back if we find ourselves in the area.

Later, when we arrived in San Antonio, we went down on the Riverwalk to get a drink. It was pretty dead and most places were closing up, so we ended up at a tourist trap (and not a good one, either).

Definitely NOT the best margarita of the trip! But empty as you can see.

The view from our table.
After we finished our awful margaritas, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep so we could get up early to make the most out of our only day in SA.

Also, I should never try to wear cute shoes... just from the little trek to that bar and back, I had blisters on BOTH feet. Not a good start, San Antonio!

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