Monday, February 28, 2011

San Antonio! Day Two

Clinton and I got up early on Saturday so we could squeeze in as much San Antonio as we could! We went around the corner to a bakery for breakfast. It was fine. Neither of us are big breakfast aficionados, so we content. 

After eating, we took off walking towards the Alamo. Although we were determined to change the last night's impression of San Antonio, we walked upon an ugly scene. I'm not going to go into detail of what we saw, but lets just say I never thought I would see it in real life, only on CSI:. We walked quickly by, and pushed that out of our minds as best we could.

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Alamo Plaza. A reenactment was about to take place! Turns out, we were there on the 175th Anniversary of the Siege of the Alamo! Our luck in SA was changing!

After wandering around the Alamo for a little while, we caught the trolley to the Market Square or El Mercado. We walked around the shops for a few minutes, but discovered they were really the same over and over again. Clinton had gotten a recommendation for lunch from a local to try Mi Tierra, which happened to be in the market, so we tried it out! Inside was really festive and fun.

The chips and salsa were great! I really wish I could have some right now! The margarita has my vote as my favorite of the trip!

We were serenaded!
We both chose Tacos del Mercado, but I picked the Carnitas Michoacan (pork) and Clinton picked Carne Asada (beef). Of course, we swapped one of each so we could try them both!

Oh, my mouth is watering! Clinton thinks the beef was the best, and I'll agree that the pork was a little dry, but both were so delicious! This place is a definite must when we return!

After lunch, we bought Emma a present, maracas & a red peasant dress. Then we rode the trolley back towards the Riverwalk. We got off at La Villita and walked around the shops some before walking back down the Riverwalk to our hotel for some rest before the night's festivities!

Later, we went back down the Riverwalk to Rita's to get another margarita! A huge, Texas-sized one! We shared it! Clinton chose this one as his favorite of the trip!

We had reservations at Boudros for dinner. Good thing, too, because it was packed! What followed was one fantastic meal!

I got the Prickly Pear margarita, the only flavored/ frozen one of the weekend. Good, but not my favorite.

Not a favorite picture of me. 

Table-side guacamole & smoky salsa. DELICIOUS!

I had the blackened gulf fish. It was great! The lemony, garlicky spinach was amazing! AND the waitress & I convinced Clinton to try some! 

 Clinton had the Big Tails, Little Tails. He cleaned his plate, so I guess he liked it!

The reason I chose this restaurant... they had creme brulee! My absolutely favorite dessert!

Can you tell we liked it?

After eating, we had to head to the room for me to change shoes. I am never going to buy heels again. Flats and sneaks for me only. Ugh!

Then for the reason of the whole trip... WICKED!

We weren't allowed photography of any kind in the theatre, so no pics, but if you are ever in SA, go to the Majestic, it was beautiful!

Wicked was so great! I loved every minute of it! I was afraid Clinton would hate it, he usually hates musicals, but he said he was very impressed! I wish I had read the book again before going, but it really didn't matter. It was fantastic! I can't wait to see it again! I hope I can take Emma to see it one day!

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  1. Those margaritas look delicous! Mi Tierra is sooo good- Scott is sitting here and said he's never been to San Antonio since he was a kid, so we are going to plan a weekend. Thanks for the inspiration! I also like how you rated the food/drink- we always do that! :)