Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How I Know Emma Missed Me

When we picked Em up at her Mamou's, she was not happy to see us. Threw a little fit, didn't want to give us hugs or kisses. It really hurt our feelings.

Once home, she was only interested in her present, which she promptly broke. Two handmade red maracas, handles broke off, and a LOT of tiny rocks in the carpet.

Later, putting her in the bathtub (usually one of her favorite times), was awful. Emma threw another fit and screamed until Clinton finally got her out.

But when I was finally done blogging for the night, and about to take a shower, Emma asked if she could watch TV in Mommy's bed. We had missed her, so we went ahead a let her lay in our bed, but I told her I was getting in the shower.

I hadn't even stepped foot in the tub, when she said "Hey Mommy, I'm watching Kai-Lan" I said, "I know, Emma, lay down."

A minute later, she peeks around the shower curtain...
"Hey Mommy, Kai-Lan did blah blah" (I missed it)
Me: Really? Well you better go watch it!
Em: OK! HeHe!
Then she ran off...

Another minute later...
"Hey Mommy, what you doing? You taking shower?"
Me: Yes, go watch Kai-Lan
Emma: OK! HeHe!
Away she went...

You get the picture...
"Hey Mommy, what you doing? You washing neck?"
Me: Yes
Emma: OK! Good! Beautiful! HeHe!

"Hey Mommy, what you doing? You washing feet?"
Me: Yes, Emma, go get in the bed!
Emma: OK! HeHe!

"Hey Mommy, what you doing? You washing butt?"
Me: Yes!
Emma: OK! Good! HeHe!

"Hey Mommy, what you doing? You getting out?"
Me: Yes!
Emma: OK! HeHe!

"Hey Mommy, get out!"
Me: I'm trying to, get out of the way!

For all that aggravation, I know it was just because she missed me.

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