Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Em's Room Re-design

I've been working on redoing Emma's room for her birthday. Yes, I know her birthday is in October. And yes, I am already planning her party, too! What of it???

The first thing I did was paint her table and chairs,but I already wrote about that here.

We let Emma pick out a paint color! Of course, she wanted purple!!

We are going to use the lighter color and possibly paint one wall the darker color.

I've picked out fabric for new bedding and pillows. My friend, Regan, at Livi Lou is going sew it for me! 

Here are a few miscellaneous things that I'm thinking about...

I love how this daybed looks with the canopy from Pottery Barn Kids. Since Em's bed has a similar shape as a daybed, I want to go with this kind of look.

But I'm not going to get the one from PBK because its way high!! I found one on Amazon!! 
Here is the canopy I'm thinking about, or I may go with just a simple one.

I'm IN LOVE with this idea for Em's stuffed animals, but I can't find any planters big enough!! If you see some, LET ME KNOW!!

Hobby Lobby has these paper lanterns in all colors. If I do something like this in one corner, I could do a pink, green, and turquoise one.... But now that I think about it... it may be too much with the canopy?? Hmmm...

I've been scouring the antique stores around town looking for pieces for the whole house, but I found this little pink shelf the other day and thought it would be a good piece for Em's room!

The same store has a round turquoise mirror that I think would be really cute. The mirror, itself, is clouded with age, but I thought I could get some letter decals put on it! Need suggestions on what it should say!

The big questions that I have left to answer is how to store Em's stuffed animals if I can't find the planters, cute storage for her other toys, and how to store her dvds. If you have any suggestions or ideas you want to share, please let me know!

BTW- I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest! One of the coolest websites EVER!

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