Thursday, July 21, 2011

Runaway Rabbit

Two days ago, I let E.B. (the bunny) out to run around the yard while Clinton cleaned his cage. We went inside to cook supper.

Before Clinton left for work, he said that he left the tray part of the cage leaning against the house to dry.

And that was the last time I thought about it... until the next morning when I went outside to check on E.B.

He was gone, of course. The cage was still where Clinton had left it. Now dry.  Bad Mommy!

I checked with the neighbors, but they hadn't seen him. I looked under the bushes, but he wasn't there either. So I went on with my day thinking he was probably gone for good. I felt bad about it for Emma's sake, but secretly, deep down I was glad. I know, terrible, right?

BUT this morning, as I was getting ready to take Emma to MDO, the doorbell rang. It was the neighbor saying that our bunny was in the front yard. Dang it! I caught him and put him back in his cage. That's where he is now. Safe and sound. Ugh.

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