Monday, July 11, 2011

Where are we?

We are in Florida! Are you jealous?? We are here with Brittney, David, & Kinsley.

I am writing this from the condo while it rains outside and the girls take a nap!

I am taking lots of pictures, but they won't be posted today! I'll post some when we get home, but I wanted to post a lil' update of what we were doing!

We are staying at the Destin West Resort on the beach side! Our balcony looks out over the pool and then the ocean!

We got here yesterday and spent a few hours on the beach right away. After getting settled in the condo, we went to eat at The Black Pearl for supper. Our table looked right out at the ocean, and we got to watch the dolphins playing while we ate! We were afraid that the restaurant would just be a tourist trap, but our food was really good! The meal would have been perfect, but for the two cranky girls! They were exhausted!

First thing this morning, Clinton, Emma, & I went down to the beach and rented some lounge chairs for the day! The Crawfords came down after a little bit. The girls had a big time making sand castles and running from the waves! They were thoroughly worn out when the clouds rolled in. We came on back to the condo to eat lunch and rest....

And that's where we are now! I may go take a nap myself! Oh, its a hard life!

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