Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall = Fair Time

Today was Preschool Day at the Lamar County Fair! Emma and I met up with a group of moms and their littles to see the animals!

Em and I got there early (can you believe it?!?!) So we went ahead and checked out the petting zoo!

I love this pic, Em was like "Look at all the animals!"

She was in LOVE with the baby ducks, but

they kept running away from her... Do you blame them?

Em was super excited when her friends got there!

Emma and Colt took off to see the bears! Notice Colt is COMPLETELY airborne!

Checking out the bears!

There were some shows going on.... a bird show, a BEAR show, and a big juggling clown :)... but there were so many groups of little kids from daycares & schools, our little group didn't get to see too much of those. No matter, they really didn't mind much!

Our group did get into the petting zoo though!

Again with the baby ducks!


These two are BFFs!

Colt & Austin said "Cheeeeeseeburgers"
 By FAR, the most favorite thing was the TRACTORS! Bunch of country kids!

My new favorite kid!

 My other favorite kid!

For some reason, Em kept saying "Choo Choo" and soon they all were!?!?!
He had it right! Made tractor noises!!

Colt & Payton!
Where did she learn to shift gears??
Probably from him!
Can you tell they are twins??

Payton was not happy with Em sitting with her!

But that mad red face made her blue eyes pop!

Colt & Livi, sweet brother & sister!

Em loved the tractor so much, she threw a fit when it was time to leave them...

Until... she saw the other kids with the horses!

Payton feeding the horse.

Em, as usual, couldn't just give the horse one bunch of hay...
She had to keep trying to feed them!
Whose kid is this? Not my kid who is scared of her own shadow!
Snack time!

Is that not the sweetest sight??
More equipment to ride on!
Look at that dirty face!
Speaking of dirty faces!
Oops! Time to go!

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