Friday, December 13, 2013

Disney Wonder Cruise- Day 7

This was our last cruise day.

Typing that makes me sad all over again. These two cruise vacations that we took this year have been so amazing. I have so many precious memories that I hope to never forget. Disney really does know how to make things magical. 

This was the morning of our character breakfast! We had some time to kill before it started, so we wondered to the lobby area and joined some of the morning activities.

Clinton joined a golf chipping challenge.

Em and I lined up to see Belle one more time!

So sweet!

Then it was time to go in to breakfast! 

Mickey the Mouse!


Em got a Minnie bow!

Tiger Lily? Pirate? No idea.



After we ate and visited with the characters, Em disappeared into the kids club. She was determined to get every last minute out of it that she could! Clinton and I watched The Lone Ranger in the theater, then wondered around the ship playing trivia, going to shows, and soaking up every bit we could, too!

Em was in the Friendship Rocks! kids club show again this time!

After the show, Emma wanted to go to the Mickey pool. It was drizzling rain and the ship was rocking pretty good, (we were on the outskirts of a tropical storm) but it didn't bother us! The pool wasn't crowded and we got in some fun time as a family. We even watched Up! on Funnel Vision, the giant screen on the ship's funnel, while sitting in the hot tub!! No pictures due to the rain, though!

Too soon, it was time to get cleaned up and head to our last dinner.

Both App- I think it was potatoes & goat cheese. Can't remember exactly!
Emma ate and then, deserted us to go to the kids club one last time! 

K's entree- 1/2 Cornish Game Hen with Israeli Couscous & lemon sauce. So good!

C's entree- Marinated Lamb Sirloin (I think!)

C's entree #2- Filet of Beef Wellington

Somehow, our servers got the notion that it was my birthday. (It was 3 days before our trip!) So they brought me a chocolate cake and sang to me!

Both- Baked Alaska

Both- Celebration Cake (cheesecake, strawberries, & vanilla cake-- so good!)
If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed that we both ordered 2 dessert and then, the servers brought one more for my birthday! 

That makes 5 desserts for just 2 of us!
To say we didn't count calories on this trip is an understatement.

We checked in on Em in the club, but she was having a good time and wouldn't hear of leaving yet. Ha! We went back to the room, packed and got everything ready to go for the morning. Then we went to a couple adult-only shows. With Em conking out at dinner so much, we hadn't had a chance to see any others! The Cruise Staff farewell show had me crying. Literally, crying. It was the funniest thing I've seen all year! By this time, it was really late, so we picked up our baby and went to bed on the ship for the last time.

The next morning we had breakfast, said goodbye to our servers and room host, and walked off the ship.

See you real soon, DCL!

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  1. I love that yall had 5 desserts! I was counting, so I'm glad you clarified. haha :)