Monday, July 30, 2012

iPhone Dump- Day Late & Dollar Short

OR a few days late... Sorry, folks!

I already told y'all that my dad's birthday was last week, but I forgot to post this picture.

Spoiling of my child continues...

Texas Diva- Blinged Out Flips & Mani/ Pedi
Em's new favorite lunch...

Can you tell which skewer my tomato loving child made?
I loved the opening ceremony of the Olympics. My favorite part, by far, was when the British athletes were entering the arena. The announcer said, "Here is the Queen cheering wildly for the athletes" The camera panned to the Queen, and here is the EXACT face she was making...

I laughed so hard. All by myself. I'm still laughing. :)

Quick trip to Wal-Mart for a birthday gift resulted in a mini bike riding lesson.

And to finish it off, a few weeks ago, I posted that I was getting a gallery wall together with our last family pics. I finally have the pictures up.

I don't know why its so crazy blurry! Anyway, its not finished, there are a few extra pieces I'm gonna put up there, and maybe my clock. Haven't totally decided. Oh, and I think the picture is crooked, not the frames. Or I hope. :/


  1. The picture wall is cute! My Em loves tomatoes too. (I hate them!!!)

  2. Oh, I hate them, too! Have no idea why she loves them so much!

  3. I love the wall of frames! Super cute!!! And i'm sooo glad that i'm not the only one that spoils my daughter with mani's & pedi's! =)

  4. Wall looks great! Love the flip flops. The pic of the queen, I am still laughing!