Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Impromptu Lake Day!

A huge benefit of Clinton's crazy work schedule (and mine!) is that we have some weekdays free to do what we want to do!

We had play date plans on Monday that fell through, so Clinton said he wanted to go to a local lake. We'd never been to this lake for some reason, and we thought why not check it out! And though, we had planned to just drive around, we took our swim stuff just in case!

Good thing we did, because the swim area was basically empty! Except for one couple, we had it to ourselves! It was so nice! The water was cool, and the temp was in the low 90's (which is like a spring breeze around here lately!)

I couldn't believe she went so deep into the water!

Aargh! A lake monster!

Not a pretty picture, but just us...

Getting so fearless!

My future's so bright...
Our peaceful time was interrupted, eventually. And I would have been fine sharing the swim area with the kids. BUT when the adults started throwing their cigarette butts into the water where my baby was swimming, (I was not pleased) we decided it was time to load up. People amaze me with their behavior. Smh. 


  1. Some people really redneck up a good thing. We usually run into it at the beach, but this year has been nice.
    Looks like it was fun, while it lasted!

  2. Looks like fun! And I have to agree, I don't understand why people think it is necessary to throw stuff like that into the lake where kids are swimming. It really disgusts me! But looks like you guys had a great time, and great photos! =)