Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recipe Revision- House is Still Divided

In January, I posted my recipe for Chicken, Bacon, & Cream Cheese Taquitos here.

I had found the recipe on Pinterest and adapted it a bit. For the original, go here.

A couple of weeks ago, Clinton smoked a couple chickens on his smoker, along with a pork shoulder for that night's supper.

I picked the chicken off the bones and froze a bunch of it! So I had lots of cooked chicken to use up!

Here is what I did this time...

Cooked the bacon and set aside. Heated the cooked, shredded chicken (about a pound) in the bacon grease. No point in letting all that good fat go to waste! Seasoned chicken with salt & pepper. Then instead of using plain cream cheese, I used this...

Philly Cooking Creme- Santa Fe Blend
I had never used this stuff, and let me tell you, it. is. good.

I added about 1/2 this container of creme. Chopped the bacon, threw that in, too. I didn't feel the need to add cheese this time, but feel free is the mood strikes! Mixed it all up and it looked like this...

This time, I did not cut the tortillas to make mini taquitos. Just went with Big Daddy ones! :)

Em helped me roll them up!

Trying to put toothpicks in!
Then, woohoo! Clinton fried them for me outside in his fish cooker! House does not smell like a diner!

I only made ONE corn tortilla taquito, because the tortillas kept breaking up on me and I got frustrated and quit. I ate that one and a flour one. The corn tortilla taquito was way better. Moral of that story- never give up!

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  1. Looks super yummy! I love to try new recipes =)