Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why I love this kid! & CNC Fireworks 2012

I love her because she's my child and I always will, but that is not why I love her right now...

Yes, we have our struggles and at times, I think she is going to drive me CRA-ZAY! 

Like tonight at the CNC fireworks show, there was this guy in a lion mascot costume walking around. If that dang lion came within 10 feet of her, she went berserk! Climbing me and crying. It was sad. The. first. time. And maybe the second time. But then, OMG! The lion was totally leaving her alone! And she still kept going crazy. Ugh, it was too too much!

And that was on top of the whining and not listening and everything else involved with her being outside waiting for fireworks to start! 

More on that in a little bit.

First I have to tell you why she is the coolest kid on the planet!

I wore the biggest PROUD MAMA grin, the whole way home! Because.... she sang the whole Bohemian Rhapsody (with the music, but still!) It's like totally one of my fave songs!

Here is a refresher.. a la Wayne's World!

She had this glow bracelet from the fireworks show, and that sucker was bobbing around in that dark back seat! She was rocking back there! She even did the head bobbing at the appropriate time! I would have recorded it, but I was driving and if I turn my phone on, I can't play the music from my phone at the same time! I wish I could show all y'all so bad!!

EVEN now, when I looked for that video, she came in here and sang every word!! She is too dang cool!

Ok, back to the fireworks!

Just for fun, to see how much Em has grown, here is the last year's post of this fireworks show!

Em and Kinsley

All my boys, including Jimmy!

Jalyn got a new haircut for the summer! It's an arrow!

Emma, Mamou, & Nana

And in the end... it was all about the candy!

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  1. Emma flipped out on my sister-in-law like that with the Chick-fil-a cow!
    I have a tremendous fear of characters like that but Em has never been witnessed to that!