Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Play Date with the Harris Girls

My friend, Tiffany, her husband, Andy, and their two precious baby girls moved to Tennessee on Friday. I'm sad, but I know their life in Tennessee will be great. Andy got a great new job, and they are now in close range to both sides of their family. That in itself is a blessing. I don't think I could ever be far away from my family, so I don't know how they've been handling it all this time! 

But still, I'm gonna miss Tiff's hilarity. And her kids hilarity. And their sweet little faces. :(

This past week was crazy for everyone, but we made a point of getting all the kids together one more time.

Baby Ryder

Rory, cool & vacuuming.
 The kids were super happy that we made them sit down for a group picture.

Bubba, Emma, Payton, Haydon, Ace, Rory, Annalise, & Ryder

Silly faces!

Lunch time!

Ryder thought the mac n' cheese was yum!

Emma loves "Baby Ryder"

Said they were telling secrets.

Ryder let me give her a bottle.
Then we are started getting a little teary, knowing it was almost time to go, but Rory saved us. 

Left us a surprise in the hallway.
Poor thing tried to take her diaper off to go to the potty. BUT she didn't make it to the bathroom. And it was not the wet kind.. Bahahahaha!

Then one last group pic! We were all laughing because my short arms couldn't hold the camera out far enough!

Me, Tiffany, Cassidy, & Misty
We did quick hugs and Tiffany ran out the door to avoid a big sob-fest. 

After Tiffany & Cassidy left, Misty and I sat around and talked for a little while. I guess we were too sad and boring for Ace, because he started up a dance party.

Em and I decided we had to show them how to do the Cha Cha Slide!

Bring it to the top!

Early Friday morning (surprising both of us that I was up so early!) I stopped by Tiffany's house before they pulled out. Got hugs from Rory and Tiffany. And again, had to run out quick before I bawled. When I got back in the truck, Clinton said "Are you boo-hooing?" I said no! He said "take your shades off..." and I did. "Yes, you are." I just said "I don't want to talk about it". It's hard when someone you are close to leaves. But even on her trip to TN, she kept us entertained.... Read her blog post about her crazy trip home...  I miss you, Tiffany! But you're life in TN will be fantastic, I just know it!!


  1. It's sooo hard when good friends move away. Hopefully you guys will be able to visit each other =)

  2. Love all the pictures, especially with all the kids on the couch. It is so hard when friends move away, hope you continue to keep in touch