Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Pictures

Yes, I know I just posted about pictures, but not much else is going on around here! Well, Em and Clinton went to the Father Daughter Dance and we went to visit the new baby in the family, but I haven't uploaded the pictures from my phone yet, so I'll post those later!

Jennifer with Lifestyles Photography and I have been planning these pictures for 2 months! I was so excited! Last Monday was the day and Em hadn't been exactly cooperative all day (wouldn't let me curl her hair, etc!), so I was worried!

She did really good, until we got those balloons out of the car! The wind would blow a little now and then and Em kept freaking out that they would blow away! But we made it through! If you are FB friends with me, you've already seen 3 sneak peaks from Jennifer, but I think I'm going to wait until I have all the pics to post those! Later Gators!


  1. Ohh these pictures look sooo cute! I think we need to be facebook friends =) I'll see if I can find you =)

  2. They are super cute on FB!!!