Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Game Plan

Busy weekend ahead for our bunch.

The itinerary is as follows:

Thursday- head out to Lousiana! Check-in at Casa de Mike & Terri Bell
Friday- Sesame Street Live show at 7 pm
Saturday- tailgating then LSU v Bama game -babysitting provided by Mike & Terri (pray for them)
Sunday- hopefully taking Uncle Nell to lunch, then heading home to Texas! 

A problem presents itself... we are traveling with a 2 year old. This two year old has demonstrated her ability to be a "pain in the you know where" while eating at restaurants. Just ask my BFF Sara! So the problem is- what do we do about food while we are on the road? After discussing this with Clinton, we decided that we would try to pack a lunch and eat at a rest stop or roadside park along the way (fyi- Louisiana has really nice rest areas!) I can't let it be that simple! So I decided to challenge us! No fast-food, no restaurants, and no convenience store food while we are traveling (this does not include the time in Baton Rouge!) I thought about cooking up something that can be eaten at room temp, but I just am not channeling Martha today. I made a quick trip and picked up some sandwich makings, fruit, snacks, and drinks. I probably spent more on those things than we would have spent on the road, but don't tell Clinton. I will report back how we did next week! Stay tuned...

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