Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Louisiana Trip- Day 1

Thursday morning, bright and early (too bright and too early), we headed out for Louisiana. The truck was loaded down with clothes, toys, and food! Luckily, Emma slept a lot of the morning and after she woke up, she watched a movie until time to stop for lunch. I had done some research, and decided we would stop at the Oakland Plantation outside of Natchitoches. http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/travel/caneriver/oak.htm It is a Creole plantation with lots of outbuildings, and it is free to check out! There was, also, a pavilion where we could eat lunch. We had a little minor freak out when the GPS only took us part of the way to the plantation and we couldn't find any other directions online. But I called the Park Service and got directions for the rest of the way. It was a little windy, so our picnic was not as fun as I had envisioned it, but it worked out. Then we walked around for a bit to stretch our legs.

Playing under the oaks...
What is it with this kid and rocks??
She didn't want to sit IN the tree!
Playing with Daddy.

Emma did really good the rest of the way into Baton Rouge, she watched movies and ate her snacks. When we got to Baton Rouge, Clinton wanted to stop at LSU to watch some of a baseball game that was going on. This was Emma's first LSU game! It was really just a scrimmage, but it was fun to see anyway. 

After we left the ballpark, we decided to go by Mike the Tiger's habitat. It was just our luck that the "Tiger Whisperer" was there. Every other time we've stopped by to see Mike, he has been asleep in the corner and you could barely see him. But the "Tiger Whisperer" apparently goes and plays with him everyday and Mike knows him and will play. He even got Mike to go swimming, but I didn't catch a picture of it!

We finally made it to Mike & Terri's house! Mike was out of town on business, so Terri took us to dinner. It was great and had live music, which was good in case Emma decided to be loud! Back at the house, Terri cracked open some wine, and we enjoyed some time with her before going to bed!

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