Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surgery :(

Yesterday (Monday), Emma had tubes put in her ears (finally!) and her adenoids taken out. I took my camera and captured most of the action, even though Clinton thought I was totally crazy to do so!

We had to be there at 7:30 am, and like most surgeries, she couldn't have anything to eat or drink. I was really worried about how she would act about this because first thing EVERY morning she asks for a cup, but she managed pretty good.

Once we arrived, she was scared and got all about her Daddy, which is unusual for her, but it allowed me to get some good cuddling shots of them.

As she started getting comfortable in the room, we blew up some gloves to play with...

This balloon has fingers, Mommy! (No, we didn't brush her hair. What about it?)

Trying to hit her Daddy with it!

I guess she's adding more air.

Em decided she needed another one.

Clinton put it on his hand instead.

Dancing with the hand balloons!
After this little bit of fun, the nurses came in to do vital signs, and Emma got upset again.

This one breaks my heart.

The nurse gave her some medicine to keep her calm. It was an amnesia drug, and it had some effects on my baby. She's going to be so mad at me one of these days for posting these...


Trying to touch her nose!

I asked her if her face felt funny!

BTW- all that hair on the bed is her Rapunzel doll!

I think she is just so beautiful here.

All snuggled with Elmo.

Biting her Daddy's finger!

Emma wanted to sit up, but she just couldn't do it by herself!

Finally, the time had come. Aunt Evie carried her so she wouldn't be too scared, and said that Emma fell asleep quickly with no crying! For the next 45 minutes or so, my stomach was in knots, but Evie, my mom & dad, and Andrea distracted Clinton and I by talking about random stuff. Finally the volunteer told me that I could go back into the recovery room. Clinton wasn't allowed to go, which I think hurt his feelings a little bit.

Once in the recovery room, I held her so tight! She was pretty upset and disoriented, but that's normal for coming out of anesthesia. The next 20 minutes or so, was spent trying to get her to drink, so the nurse could remove the IV and we could go home.  

Just so sad!

Once we were allowed to leave, she fell asleep in the car and slept the whole way home. When we got there, she immediately asked to watch Rapunzel (Tangled)! She was already feeling better.

All comfy on the couch!
An hour later, Brittney, David, and Kinsley came by to see her and bring her a "get well prize"! As you can see, she was pretty much back to herself by then!

Kinsley said "Ta Da!"

It was a really cute ladybug flashlight! Em loves it!

Em did sleep more than usual after that, but she did pretty good! Today (day after the surgery), she is almost 100% back to normal!

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