Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emma Weekend!

Emma had surgery yesterday (I'll write about that later). It was scheduled in advance and we knew that Monday was going to be rough on her, so Clinton and I decided to call the weekend "Emma Weekend" and pretty much devote it all to her.

She had some visitors...

Nana let her sit on the table!

Showing Papaw her pictures.

Playing in her messy room with Mamou!

She got to go to her Daddy's softball practice and play with Kinsley...

Ready to play ball!

I told her to hold her bat up by her head... lol.

Two monkeys climbing on the fence!

Kinsley & Emma eating snacks.

Running the bases with Daddy.

Kinsley joined in on the fun!

Silly girls!

The rest of the weekend was spent playing in the backyard, watching movies (well just Tangled over and over again!), and eating junk. Pretty much whatever Emma wanted to do!

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