Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Ready for Easter

Today, Emma and I pretty much just did prep work for this weekend.

First we made rice crispy treats!

Melting the butter.

Pouring in the marshmallows (and eating a few!)

Missed the pan!

Melting the marshmallows!

And finally, stirring in the cereal (and sprinkles)!
Then we boiled two dozen eggs and filled around 100 plastic eggs with candy. I'm not exaggerating that number, I counted! We do have four egg hunts to go to this week!

Later, we went to Kinswee's house (that's Emma speak for Kinsley's) to decorate eggs. But first things first, we had to have a treat!

Brittney and I cut them out with cookie cutters!

Em's is a butterfly, Kinsley's is a flower!

This one is a tulip... I ate it!

Then it was time to start decorating eggs! Things started good!

All set!
 We had a couple of egg tragedies, though.

 After this, things got progressively worse. The girls weren't nearly as interested in decorating the eggs as we thought they'd be.

One of the few eggs I actually got Emma to decorate!
By the end, they were way over it!

Emma's pouting, Kinsley's crying.

But they still had fun with each other!


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